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Tea Ceremony with Cats

Lily did a private tea ceremony for my partner and me to see how we felt about hosting her offering. I had a simple and profound experience with the Cha Dao ceremony and Lily as facilitator made it all the more sweet. She is a beautiful space holder and the ceremony has ancient roots although it is very simple and can easily be done as a personal morning routine or for winding down at night. I am looking forward to sharing Lily’s offering with you and of course spending time with our kitties!

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About Cha Dao Tea Ceremony

Join us for a sacred tea ceremony stewarded by Lily Raphael at The Flying Cat. Considered a sacred plant medicine intended to restore harmony to the body, mind and spirit, tea allows us to connect to ourselves, each other and nature. As we sit in silence, Tea will guide us through a peaceful, reflective journey inward while inspiring a curiosity to connect deeper to the natural world. To aid in this journey, we will also be blessed by the joyful presence of our feline friends, Suki and Szuszi!
Teas shared in the early evening offer a deep, restful, and relaxing effect on the mind & body, as opposed to teas shared in the morning, which tend to be more uplifting. It’s advisable to come neither on an empty NOR full stomach, so that you may take in the medicinal aspects of the tea relaxed and wakeful. We will sit cozily on the floor, with cushions and blankets provided. A chair can be provided for you if needed – just let us know.

Julia Martin is the owner of The Flying Cat

Julia has practiced and shared ceremony and yoga for over 10+ years, energy healing for almost that long. She is excited to host this self-care opportunity for a simple but profound experience for all involved.

The Flying Cat is her Art Gallery showcasing her own original artwork and personal studio for small group classes and privates for yoga, energy healing and shamanic journey all of which she shares in the space.


Lily Raphael

Lily Raphael is a steward of tea in the greater Cincinnati area. She learned this practice while staying at the Tea Sage Hut tea and Zen center in Taiwan and through her brother, Max. She is thrilled to be sharing tea at the Flying Cat!



Meet our Cats – the resident Flying Kitties.

Suki is a 10-year-old Tabby, from the streets of Covington, Ky. She loves to play squiggle (with a pipe cleaner) and adores catnip, chips and cheese. She does like a little affection but not too much, she will definitely let you know if she doesn’t want to be touched, please respect her space.


Szuszi is an 8-year-old Tonkinese who loves people, peoples’ laps and pretty much any kind of attention whatsoever. She is excited to meet you and often helps with the website and emails.

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Elements as Medicine

Are you working with the Elements as Medicine?

You are probably already working with Elements in a medicinal way without even knowing it – when you sit with a cup of tea or a hot shower or bath you are letting the element of Water take care of you!

I have been practicing self-care lately by paying attention to my constitution internally and the environment then connecting to whether I need more or less of an element or combination of elements. This work is all about intention and what makes sense!
For example, on a cold and rainy day, I would light candles and possibly use Smudge (Air + Fire) to balance the elements in my environment and keep harmony within my own body and home. Another example; a dry cough, I would use an herbal steam to meet the needs of my lungs and sinuses or possibly dry sinuses need a little oil (Water + Earth).

For a hot and humid day, ice and a fan is clearly appropriate, you’re probably already using this
method to beat the heat in the middle of summer. It can be part of our natural instinct to draw in a harmonizing element in the form of hot or cold; herb or fruit (Earth), ice or steam (Water), mud baths and exfoliating scrubs or epsom salt baths (Earth + Water), incense or smudge (Air+Fire) to cleanse or consecrate yourself or your
space, the list goes on and on.


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Artists’ representation of a Yoni Lingum

On this day, the May pole is one of the aspects used to celebrate the pre-beginning of Summer. In many cultures there are beautiful examples of the coming together of man and woman to create new life. This festival is about celebration and drawing forth abundance. Decorating the may pole is a clear way to celebrate the feminine and masculine aspects coming together. We can see this in India with the yoni lignum statues and the Lakota pipe. When we bring together the pipe stone and the stem, the feminine and masculine pieces we create a new being and that being allows our prayers to travel to the Creator.


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Energy Healing Meditation / Rainbow Bridge

No previous experience needed, come as you are. Come with an open mind and and open heart. ❤️💛💚💙💜

Hello friends! We are excited to gather up again and explore our Chakras and Energy fields. Spring is always an exciting and unpredictable time and actually the perfect time to slow down, rest more and detox, rather than “springing forward” like we might want to do as we see the trees and flowers coming forward. Take a break from heavier foods such as dairy, wheat, sugar and meat and give yourself the living energy of fruits, veggies and greens. You don’t have to go “all or nothing here,” a little goes a long, long way. Just do 5% and let that be enough.

PACE and REST are very important now especially as the weather fluctuates and plays with our immune systems here in the Ohio valley. Make sure you’re hydrating, eating well and resting and possibly taking a preemptive dose of honey or local flower tea or tincture to prepare your sinuses for the pollen that is soon to come.

We are looking forward to sharing “Rainbow Energy” with you as the sun comes back
to shine longer each day bringing the warmth back to our bodies and hearts.

We’ll gather and focus on becoming the “Rainbow Bridge.” Shamans work toward becoming this Rainbow Bridge constantly by having one foot in the physical and one in the spiritual ALL THE TIME. Balance on this path is imperative. If it is easy for you to be in Spirit more than incarnate, your work is to enjoy the physicality this life has to offer. We are not here to ascend by any means, we are here to live more fully!

Our energy body is, in fact, a rainbow allowing us to become the rainbow bridge Shamans have known about for centuries. We can encourage beauty and good health by focusing on the pure frequency of each chakra vibration by working with color.. and many other ways!

Come with no expectations and leave with a practice you can easily do every day.

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Spring Update

Full moon in Virgo. Venus in Retrograde. Spring in full swing. The veils are very thin my friends. I am getting tons of immediate synchronicities. When we experience synchronicities, a term coined by Jung, it’s kind of like Universe giving you a high-five, fist bump and yeah, affirmation you are on the right track! Keep going.

Virgo is the ruler of health, wellness and cleanliness; the perfect aid in our Spring Cleaning!

This is a GREAT time to put your wishes to the universe for what you want to manifest or let go in your life. Do you have a full plate already? Maybe you can release some responsibilities to the wind and be open to some clearing of your physical space, or your schedule. If you have already cleared the way maybe you’re ready for the next big leg of your journey. Get in touch with what is important to you and re-committ yourself to that which is in your heart.

Venus is also in Retrograde. 3/4-4/15
Check out this neat video to see the relationship between Venus and Earth in the shape of a mandala!

Speaking of Venus in Retrograde, every time the Earth and Venus are side by side in this video there is a retrograde moment. As you can see Venus doesn’t actually go backward but the pausing of side by side makes it appear to go backwards when we on Earth look up at Venus in the sky. So it is accepted that the “normal” flow of energy in relationship between Earth and Venus pauses and may appear to go backward or be reversed. Retrograde periods are really just calling us to pause our normal routines and habits and maybe make some changes based on past behaviors. Take a good look but don’t stare! Venus in retrograde is a time to reflect slowly and adjust your path in love and relationships, to put it simply.

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Spring Signs

If you believe in syncronicity or “watch for signs” or get answers from the universe in the mundane, I’m just saying… I am having GREAT success now that March has arrived. It is an incredibly potent time.
So, ask your questions, ask for clarity on your blocks, (if you really want to know!), or just “play the game” with life to be open to any messages you need to receive. And really… I wouldn’t even bother with the cards, the runes or the oracles, just take a walk! It’s all right there. Or meditate for 15 minutes 🙂 It’s all there too.
When the songbirds return and the buds pop out is a very sweet time. Spring is a great turning over (spring cleaning anyone?) and can be a very potent re-birth time which also has the possibility of great danger as well. (watch your head with the winds!) If you think about it, birth has the potential for trauma much more than death. Coming into the physical is quite an extraordinary feat, and so the seeds are doing what they do naturally but it is that burst of potential energy in all things that is messy and pushes us, pushes the Earth to give, to bear, to step out.
Sometimes the Spring can be quite sleepy and extended with periods of awakeness as things come forward, but this year is not that way. Of course there’s still time (it’s only March!) for things to shift, but the energy is quite strong, so ride the wave my friends.

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Scars: A Map of a Lifetime

Our bodies carry our life stories in so many ways, on so many levels. I say this all the time as a Yoga teacher and from an esoteric level to a very real, tangible physical level, it’s true. Our bodies are temples, they are record-keepers. We all carry emotional and spiritual scar tissue from unresolved hurts and events.

I have a dent in my leg (internal scar tissue) that is approaching its 10 year anniversary and a new internal scar that is forming in my calf. I am so grateful to know how to take care of this today. I also have scar tissue behind my right knee and probably right hip from tearing the insertions to my hamstring that are approaching 6 years old.
10 years ago I didn’t know when I have a trauma, I can scoop up those energetic pieces that scatter in that moment to bring them back in quickly, the pain lessens immensely if I take that moment. 10 years ago I had a limp from the massive bruise inside my leg and was afraid I would have to walk with a cane in my 20’s and maybe forever, I didn’t know what to do. 10 years ago I didn’t know about rolling out tissue, or how to physically work with this area. I was afraid to touch it, I would push too hard and make it hurt more, if something’s wrong you just force it really hard to be right, right?

Today I am working with grief. These scars, old and new, are my record book in my body, they remind me of the person I used to be and the person I have become. They hold the energy of that moment and today, I can take action to restore and mend this tough “disorganized tissue.” Today I understand fascia on a level and how it is inexorably connected to my mental process, stored in my energy body and expressed in my emotions and physical body. “Your sore shoulder, constipation, sexual pain, infertility–all of these things can be a result of scar tissue in your body. Why hasn’t anyone told you about this possibility before? Mainstream medicine rarely looks at scar tissue because they don’t yet use effective ways for diagnosing and treating scar tissue.”


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How to Work Through Difficult Times or Negative Patterns

A 6-point plan for working through difficult times or negative patterns

Get Support

Everyone needs cheerleaders. A bunch of them. Identify the people who are supportive and positive and are excited for your well-being and personal growth. No one comes to mind? Might be a good time to look at finding a therapist, spiritual community or support group to begin developing trusting relationships. Fake it ’til you make it. You might not believe that you can open up to new people and situations, showing up is the hardest part. Try suspending your beliefs for about 6 times before you decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

Go Inward

Find ways to begin looking at yourself honestly and objectively, or maybe you just start with a 5-minute meditation a day or journaling a couple pages a day or a week. Baby steps, start small. You will find nuggets of gold in all the other stuff that might be dominating your mind and heart.

Share with others

Talk with your trusted cheerleaders; friends, healthy family members, your pastor, your therapist, share your burdens, big and small with those who are trustworthy. Finding out who is trustworthy takes time, start with little things and work your way to the bigger, more charged issues.

Practice Acceptance & Gratitude

Again, fake it ’til you make it here. You might not feel like being grateful for anything. Start small and list daily 10 things you are grateful for. If you are reading this, you probably already have 10 major things that you aren’t even aware of; you can breathe on your own, you can see, you are able to afford a way to be on the internet, be it through your own setup at home or whatever mobility brought you to a public space, keep going, keep it simple!


Once you are able to practice a few of these acceptance and support techniques, it’s time to start bringing that inward, into your own body. Breathe into your belly, deep and full for 10 breaths a day. Take your time and enjoy the little space of time you are carving out to breathe just 10 full, deep breaths.

Practice Self-Care

Self-Care is imperative if you are going to make positive life-changes. Again, keep it small and manageable. Eating something a little healthier than normal, drinking more water, taking a walk, start with accessible actions that add up. 

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West, Jaguars and Big Cats

In the spirit of the West, Jaguars and Big Cats come to help clean up dense energy, to patrol borders, boundaries and edges. In the West we learn how to be Spiritual Warriors, how to have integrity and impeccability. In the West we flow with Grandmother Water, we cycle with the Moon, we cry and move through it. In the West we are polished by grit into who we are becoming. Let all your junk be coal and be pressurized – we are all diamonds waiting to emerge.


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Clearing Energy

When we work with fire we release old habits, thought patterns, blocks to our personal power, outworn relationships to help clear stagnant energy that can, when left too long, cause physical illness.

What would you put in the fire? What would you release to create more room for health, energy and clarity? Just one thing?

I recently released shame and self-sabotage (and will probably have to do it again, and again, and again, these things don’t end with one fell swoop most times). I feel a clarity and a finer vibration of energy through me that is helping me feel more centered, focused and able to manage. It doesn’t stop after the fire, you do have to do the footwork in the day-to-day; go to counseling, take a class, show up for yourself, or take some personal days.

Your life changes the moment you decide to show up for yourself.