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Maintaining Good Energy

When we heal a wound, we recover energy that was directed at coping with that wound. Physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally. When we heal at an energetic level, we touch on all aspects of our bodies. We recover a large amount of energy. What will we do with this “extra” energy that was originally ours to claim? How will we go about living life with a new perspective, what decisions will we make to maintain our better health from this healing work?

We can seek healing help from others, but they can’t live life for us. We must stand strong for ourselves and our families by making conscious decisions to use our energy wisely and treat ourselves well. Preparing good food and setting aside time to rest, do nothing, these are just a couple ways we can maintain “good energy.”

It may seem counter-intuitive in our culture, to “do nothing.” But in that nothing, you are going on “low power mode,” recharging your battery for full use. Even our technology can be a reflection of our needs.

Take the time to recharge, re-consider, and re-invent yourself, a retreat once a year, or seasonally or a “mental health day” once a month for You time. Your relationships will be better for it; personal and professional. It may feel like the wrong thing to do, given our list of things that all seem important.
Putting ourselves at the top of that list has a trickle-down effect; we are able to then give from our cup to everything else in our lives that is connected to us. Another way to think about our time is to shift from doing to being. What is your “to be” list?

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Coping can take many forms. We ‘cope’ when we are overwhelmed or overcommitted. When we are coping we are compelled to get away from our situation or our feelings by disassociating, We can take the same actions with the intention to be closer to ourselves rather than running away. It just depends on our frame of mind.

How close do you feel to yourself? How can you feel closer?

As a lifestyle, coping will inevitably lead to illness. We cope when we’re stressed, when we’re trying to do too much. Often our coping mechanisms come from childhood or times we were in situations we felt we had no choice and had to survive. As adults, we always have choices. Today, we can choose to make decisions that will positively affect our situation, making sustainable, small goals, choosing simple boundaries or asking for support from others are some ways we can shift from overwhelm to manageability.

If we have been coping for a long time, it may be helpful to seek counseling to get the time and space to formulate a plan for a sustainable life-shift. We may not be able to see the forest for the trees all on our own.

Asking for help from sources that are able to provide it and being prepared to receive “no” as an answer are good ways to begin lightening your load. Turning over your situation to a divine power can help ease your load, learning who a supportive divine power is for you might be a good place to start.

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Our Favorite Finds

There are so many amazing offerings and people out there teaching and making medicine, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites of the moment. Please enjoy exploring these teachers, medicines and modalities! Julia of The Flying Cat

Bloom Post is a medicine woman of the heart, we met in April 2016 in Asheville during a beautiful weekend with Aldofo Tito Condori who shared his generational knowledge from the Q’ero of Peru. What an honor! Julia of The Flying Cat

Each essence is created with organic ingredients, blended with mountain spring water and brandy (to keep it fresh).  I gather this living water from a spring a few miles from my home and it comes straight out of the mountain.  These essences are lovingly harvested, bottled, and labeled by hand.  I spend time in ceremony with each of these offerings to empower activation and shamanic blessings, providing you with powerful support for your journey that will work deep within your most subtle layers to heal unconscious shadow energies.


It is time to remember who we truly are.  My intention is to empower you to step fully into your personal power, embrace your beautiful divine self, remember your soul purpose and live your calling. Our natural state is loving, healthy, joyful, radiant, abundant, peaceful and balanced.

These energies are alive and you have the power to tap into a deep wealth of healing, guidance and support when working with these offerings.  Please know that each essence is shared with you from my heart.  May they be of the utmost empowerment for your heart and your journey.

I have been a grateful member of the Soulodge Womens’ Community for a couple years now, so glad I found it when I did. I plan to continue to learn from Pixie with Earth Medicine School in 2017! I hope you take advantage of this very last Soulodge offering from Pixie. Julia of The Flying Cat


OCTOBER 10-NOVEMBER 4 Central Oregon Womens Retreats

In this restorative 4-week SouLodge session, we leave Summer’s active aspects to honor the inward energy of Autumn: the position of West on the Medicine Wheel, Owl medicine, and the element of Water.

This session will close my six year run with online SouLodge.


I have been on the path of Healing Touch Certification for many years now, by 2018 I plan to be a Healing Touch Practitioner! I have experienced countless a-ha! moments and miracles occur as a result of this work, for myself and with others.   Julia of The Flying Cat

Spiral Meditation Technique by Brugh Joy

We enjoyed practicing the Spiral Meditation in our Group Energy Healing Meditation 8/21/16. 

Click for more information about the Spiral Meditation!

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Altar Kitty

Suki will often make her place at my altar, between where I sit for meditation and my altar. She is actually part of the altar I realized the other day. She and I spent about 3 years bonding with lots of one on one time. She is my heart and soul and loves receiving energy work. No mistake she chooses that spot to feel cozy and safe.