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Cultural Codependence

Being uncomfortable is a skill. Standing in the discomfort and being present is a good thing to work on; holding space for yourself and others. We are not given many models or resources to just be ourselves, feel the feelings and be uncomfortable with others. There’s a lot of co-dependent behavior our society encourages. This article talking about one of those behaviors.

Conversational narcicism. It’s a thing. We all probably do it without thinking.. I like the NVC model to help me pause and reframe. I identify the feeling (For myself or a friend, practice with myself all the time) the need and the request, and the option to say no to the request.. so if I’m listening I can try to understand what someone is feeling, what their needs may be and have some framing around those things if I feel they might want support in that way. Often most of us just want to be heard and that’s enough.

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