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Ancestral Healing

It is your birthright to make beauty of the mess of life. Chaos is strong right now – move with it and make something beautiful anyway. 

Things are a little intense you could say. Maybe you’re feeling it? The winds are starting. I always watch for 3 big ones in Spring and Fall.

Sometimes they’re dangerous and the call is to get inside, sometimes they’re clearing and it’s an invitation to let go. We are beings of nature despite all our efforts to live in a culture that isn’t connected in this way. But as the churning and turning is happening at this seasonal transition, in ways we can’t see, so it is happening within us, in ways we can feel.

We are dying to become new people for this new season. It’s okay, death is a part of life, but it’s true, this is a time people do often slip the bonds of this earth as well.

Spring and fall, and there sure seems to be a lot of stirring and some tragedy going on. Take care of yourselves. I recommend extra meditation and quiet time if possible.

What does it mean to take exquisite care of yourself at this time? This is always a question for me, comes from Pixie Lighthorse when starting Soulodge courses of past years.

We’re different people in different seasons.. and transitions are always difficult. Knowing all this I try to be very gentle and not overdo it at this time. Which can definitely challenge my feelings of self-worth attached to productivity and ‘shoulding’ on myself.

At least I know all this… knowing and doing are very different worlds.. and I’m grateful to at least try and be softer with myself. How can you be softer with yourself during this deep transition?

“Ancestral Healing” in Honoring Mabon E-Zine

Many of you have expressed interest in ancestral healing, I want to let you know I put a lot of what I know about it in the Honoring Mabon E-Zine!

I talk about when the grief isn’t yours but your ancestors, how to do a releasing ritual, a prayer for surrender and how to work in our dreams and connect with our ancestors.

There’s plenty more beyond that; grief, grief gardens, devotional gardens, ritual tools & allies for the season, journal prompts and a poem inspired by the transitional season by Amy Thomas and an article about shadow losses by Cole Imperi.

“A Shadowloss is a loss in life, not of life.”

A potent moment at Red River Gorge in 2012
This is a time to remember ancestors, to walk between the worlds a little deeper, a time to spend with rocks and trees, more places exist than you can see..

An Excerpt from Honoring Mabon
All of us have learned behaviors from our family of origin, for better or worse. But sometimes we, sensitive ones, may feel the brunt of many generations expressing through or at us. If this is the case, it’s time to do some strong boundary work, if not healing work as well. The hardest person to set boundaries with is often ourselves, by committing to stopping behaviors or patterns of thought that we inherited, we begin this process.

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