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Holding Space

We must not try to take anyones’ pain from them, sometimes that means we shouldn’t even touch a grieving person so that we don’t interrupt the flow of emotion until all that is ready to be released can come through.
Not an easy task but so rewarding once you pause for your loved one and see the gift of growth through the process of releasing pain.

We call this holding space.

We all have pain and grief to walk through, when we interrupt the flow of grief or try to “take on someone’s pain” for them we get in the way of their lesson.
Empaths often want to help in this way, the way of the untended Wounded Healer.

When we step in, we are avoiding our own pain and are motivated by our own discomfort and often are “playing God.” Empathy is a gift but requires work to hold space for ourselves and others through sometimes extremely uncomfortable feelings. This is when we must lean on faith and might need to turn it over – pray or ask for help from guides or earth medicine, get out of the way and let others and ourselves receive the lessons with grace.

Stopping this process might feel compassionate in the moment but only delays the course, like water, grief will find a way to flow.

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