About Julia

Julia is a ceremonialist, healer, artist and teacher. She has been practicing Yoga for 20 years, involved in Native American Ceremony & Energy Healing for over 14 years and facilitated group classes, ceremony, and individual work for over 5 years. Most recently, Julia follows the Wheel of the Year and offers teachings and ritual bundles for each season.

Classes and ceremony include; Shamanic Journey, Various types of Hatha Yoga, Women’s Circles, Mandala building ceremony & Fire ceremony. She facilitates energy healing, soul retreival and shamanic journey and yoga for individuals regularly.

Julia believes in the power of insight and inner guidance. Finding our own inner compass is essential in today’s world. Learning how to trust one’s intuition is just one of the results of knowing one’s own energy and practicing Journey work or meditations consistently. Her methods are tried and true and always what she turns to for self-healing and guidance.

Julia Believes In

The power of beauty

The power of a medicine coming from within or the planet

The power of personal accountability

That we are here to embrace life


The power to self-heal

Her teachers and guides

The power of being

Native teachings

The power of connection to ones’ lineage

Story Medicine

The Medicine Wheel

Trusting your gut


Julia’s Path 

Julia found yoga being facilitated at a monestary at age 15 and gratefully was able to practice once a week with that teacher. Thereafter she found sessions in church basements and would practice when available. This was a time when there were few yoga studios in the area (and she couldn’t drive yet!). 2007 was the completion of her first Yoga Teacher Training through World Peace Yoga in Clifton, Ohio, in 2012 she completed her second Yoga Teacher Certification course through Vitality Cincinnati which also included completion of the first 3 levels of Healing Touch. 

At age 22 she found the inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony being facilitated at a private residence near Serpent Mound. From then on, she returned year after year for sweats and soon was coming to every possible event and learning as much as she could from these non-descript teachers who have studied with various Peruvian and Ecuadorian healers and paqos, traveled the world and completed all levels of Healing Touch while nursing and facilitated Energy Healing privately for individuals in the many years they were learning and sharing the teachings themselves. They are not public figures, but Julia considers them her spiritual Mother and Father. Through the tulmultuous decade of her 20’s they were a strong loving constant always offering from an open heart.

In 2010 she began a 2-year process of walking through the Medicine Wheel by the guidance of her spiritual Mother. During that process she learned Shamanic Journey, Fire Ceremony, the teachings of each direction for 6-day periods, received the beginning Munay-ki rites of initiation, learned Soul Retrieval and more.

In 2012 she also began on a path with Pixie Lighthorse who is in Bend, Oregon and was teaching a virtual course called Soulodge; a 4-week live course with an intention and animal guide which went through the 4 directions in 4 weeks each time. She has also since completed Levels 1 & 2 of Pixie’s Earth Medicine School.

Julia continues to participate in ceremony with her Spiritual family near Serpent Mound, and most recently has learned from a Peruvian Paqo Aldolfo Tito Condori from the village of Puma Kanchi. Her time with Aldolfo was rich with learning about the sacredness of the language which comes directly from the Earth and contains certain vibrations which connect and heal our energy centers. She also practiced a personal despacho ceremony and ways to open sacred space and how to completely and deeply restore one’s energy body for full healing.

She has a passion for learning the practice of personal herbalism and by following the Wheel of the Year is growing an intimate relationship with the local land including the plants, animals, trees and mushrooms available in the deciduous Eastern forest of North America. 


Facilitating For Others

From 2015 on she facilitated groups for Shamanic Journey with many different themes including; the Medicine Wheel teachings, Sacred Birds, Sacred Plants, Ancestors and more. She has been practicing Energy Healing for others since her time in the Medicine Wheel (2012). She has also participated in house blessings, the clearing of space, energy healing for land and water as well and teaching healing with Earth Medicine.

Most recently she is offering teachings of the Wheel of the Year and Ritual Kits that coorespond with the special natural holidays we always go through each year.