About The Flying Cat

Gallery & Healing Arts Studio

Located on Mainstrasse in Covington, Ky, you can find all our open classes at theflyingcat.net/studio or request a private yoga session or energy healing with Julia through info@theflyingcat.net.

Yoga with Cats

Yoga with Cats every Wednesday!

6:30 Vin to Yin 

8pm Beginner Yoga

Shamanic Journey

Julia has created an online tutorial for you to learn Shamanic Journey at home! She also shares Shamanic Journey with students in the studio on Monday nights. Often our classes fill up quickly (space is limited) you can sign up at theflyingcat.net/studio and keep an eye on our announcements through the newsletter.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is available by request only, please contact us at info@theflyingcat.net to request a session. Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes.


We offer prints and original artwork by Julia Martin, owner of The Flying Cat.


Julia Martin is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Yoga Specialist and Artist.

Thank You! Enjoy Free access to our Shamanic Journey Tutorial when you confirm your subscription.