Animal Meaning Guide

We can work with Earth Medicine to learn about ourselves, our relationships and the world around us. There are so many ways to work with Earth Medicine and animal guides are one great way. Animals are great teachers if we can observe their behaviors and learn by perception rather than thinking or trying to mentally rationalize how or why they do what they do.

We can research our animals, meditate with them, do a Shamanic Journey to meet them, dance with them, draw them, journal with them, hike to see or be with them, and countless other ways we can connect to the animal kingdom. The ultimate goal of doing this type of exploration is to become more connected to all life, including ourselves and live in awareness and reciprocity with love.

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Aardvark carefully investigates the ground with her sensitive snout. She’s looking for termites, those little bugs that wreak havoc for humans but give life to Aardvark. Aardvark asks:

  •  What’s your process?
  •  Are you being careful with what you put in your body?
  •  What are you eating—physically and energetically?
  •  Are you processing someone else’s problem for them? Is that good for you?


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calls in mothering and nurturing. Sit and have a cup of tea, take some time to contemplate how you receive nurturing. Bear remind you to look inside. She calls on you to nurture yourself from the tiniest of offerings as these giant creatures feed on berries and leaves.

Bear asks:

  • Are you able to receive?
  • How do you nurture yourself?
  • Do you need to hibernate?


Polar Bear

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Although Polar Bear is fierce and aggressive, she adopted those traits to cope with her harsh environment. Living the life you truly want to live can be a fight or struggle for a time, but take time to find a dark, warm place to rest.

Polar Bear asks:

  •  What are the small things that nourish you?
  •  Are some of your shadow aspects a product of your environment?
  •  Where is a safe place to rest?

Bulls are modern-day domesticated aurochs. Bulls are signify potency, pride, strength and determination. Auroch reminds us of our ancestors and the “way things used to be.” History can help us make informed decisions today.

Bull asks:

  •  Do you need a creative boost or virility in life?
  •  How are you presenting yourself?
  •  How have you been strong recently? Do you need strength?
  •  What do you need to succeed?

Cat is the domesticated version of the Big Cats, who help us clear dense energy and protect boundaries. The domestic version is a wonderful way to connect to their deeper, wilder ancestors. Cats are wonderful teachers of how to “just be.”

Cat asks:

  •  Are you carrying dense, unwanted or stale energy?
  •  Do you have clearly defined boundaries? Do you need to draw some?
  •  How are you today? Have you checked in with yourself?


Cheetah Although she’s the queen of speed, Cheetah might actually be telling you to slow down. Big Cats take care of dense energy: old habits, patterns and conflicts. Cheetah and her sisters feed on this dense energy, also known as hucha. They demand safety around both their physical and emotional borders.

Cheetah asks:

  •  How is your pace?
  • Where do you need to bring in extra energy or close unnecessary energy “leaks”?


The baby version of all that Cat offers, Kitten also evokes innocence, play and pure BEING! Kitten asks:

  •  When was the last time you played?
  •  What are your creature comforts?

Panther Big Cats take care of dense energy: old habits, patterns and conflicts. They demand safety around both their physical and emotional borders. Panther is the dark mother, the embodiment of feminine shadow energy. Remember that dark does not equal bad! Panther asks:

  • What are some acts of tough love you’ve experienced?
  •  Are you carrying dense, unwanted or stale energy?
  •  Do you have clearly defined boundaries? Do you need to draw some?

Coyote is the trickster in Native stories. Trickster energy challenges us to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously. Maybe it’s time to be a little humble in a good-natured way. Trickster energy may come in the form of things that disgust you or repel you. Coyote may also speaks to being solitary and scrappy.

Coyote asks:

  • What really bothers you lately?
  • How are you “getting by” on your own? Is this a good way for you to be?
  • Should you invite people into your life in a more intimate and / or supportive way?

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Dog is the domesticated version of Wolf. Like Wolf, Dog is also connected to lunar and wild energy. Dog signifies loyalty, warmth, friendship and resourcefulness. Dog’s pack is essential for his survival.

Dog asks:

  •  How can you connect with your wild while being domestic?
  •  Who is in your “pack”? Who is loyal to you?
  •  How can you be a better friend?

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Elephant arrives when you need soft healing. These enormous yet sensitive beings offer vast and gentle medicine. They have such a large presence but carry it with such grace. Elephant relies on the power of its community for support in the wild.

Elephant asks:

  •  How can you be gentle with yourself?
  •  Do you carry yourself with the grace and reverence you deserve?
  •  Who helps you “in the wild”? Where is your community?

Hand-in-hand with grief work, shadow work and inner child work; ANY work that calls for tenderness and gentle strength. Thank you beautiful Elephant for your grace.



Cold-blooded animals can be harder to relate to for us warm-blooded creatures. Fish’s home in the water could signify the subconscious; that which is below the surface. Fish is important in Christian iconography and symbolizes hope, a desire to communicate your faith and everlasting life.

Fish asks:

  •  What’s swimming around in your subconscious? Does it need tending?
  •  Are you being asked to be a witness for your faith life?
  •  Do you need a message of hope? Do you need to be the message of hope for someone?

Fox is Spirit. Fox is found on every continent aside from Antarctica, and in each case Fox has adapted to the climate. Fennic foxes have large ears with thin skin and short hair to release heat while tundra foxes have tiny ears and long fur to retain heat. Fox has an incredible capacity to adapt to environment and varying conditions.

Like Coyote, Fox is known in Japanese culture as Kitsune, or the trickster. Trickster energy challenges us to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously. Maybe it’s time to be a little humble in a good-natured way. Trickster energy may come in the form of things that disgust you or repel you.

Fox asks:

  •  Has your situation changed? How have you adapted?
  •  What do you need to be safe? How can you obtain those things?
  •  What things have emerged that really bother you lately?

Goat is a steady, sturdy presence. Goat can nimbly leap from rock to rock on the mountainside. Armed with his horns and independent spirit, Goat is ready to defend himself against predators. Goat is the king of the mountain.

Goat asks:

  •  Where is your confidence?
  •  What are you in charge of?
  •  How do you lead?


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Carries Solar Energy. Hawk flies a certain territory every day from a high vantage, but not quite as high as eagle. Hawks are known for their circling patterns, it is a special thing to see two hawks circling together.

Hawk Energy is:

Solar, Sharp, Firey, Protective, Brings us omens, Predictive, Active, Helps us “read the signs” in our daily life, Yang.

  • Where do you need illumination in your life?
  • What needs to burn away to be released at this time?
  • What is preventing you from letting go?

Ask Hawk to guide you through this process, just as the phoenix rises, we have to trust in an unknown outcome.


Hedgehog protects the soft underbelly of herself. Yet her armor doesn’t just protect, she “bites” back with her spines. Sometimes merely protecting yourself with a strong boundary isn’t enough and you need to communicate your need for space—perhaps firmly!

Hedgehog asks:

  •  What is a healthy boundary for you?
  •  Are you properly communicating your needs?

Hippos may be cute and rather bovine but don’t be fooled. If a hippo’s watery domain is disturbed, the consequences could be dire. Hippos embody strength, power, durability and determination. Hippo can be a source of grounding and channeling creative energy.

Hippo asks:

  •  Are you struggling with a project or idea to manifest completely?
  •  What’s your relationship to water?
  •  Are you always 10 steps ahead? Is it time to slow down?

Horses epitomize grace and power. Horses also suggest that you may need to get somewhere quickly. Travel opportunities may present themselves. You may also need to examine your sensitivity. Horse asks:

  •  What are you running from? What are you running to?
  •  Where do you want to go?

The two leggeds! In some ways, humans are the most ridiculous of all Creation. Human are experts at creating chaos inside and all around them. Although humans strive to make the world a better place, their methods can be quite complicated. Human asks:

  •  How are you getting in your own way?
  •  Are you creating chaos for yourself?
  •  How can you practice some simple acts of harmony with nature?

As a close cousin to the two-leggeds, Monkey can be very child-like. Monkey helps us remember not to take things too seriously. Monkeys also have extremely strong bonds with their community, which helps you look at your roles in your families. Monkey asks:

  •  Are you taking yourself too seriously?
  •  How do you play your role in your family? Is it healthy?
  •  Are you supportive of others?

Turtle stays close to Pachamama, Mother Earth. Turtle carries her home with her always and literally embodies self-protection and security. Her slow, thoughtful behavior reminds us to consider your roots to the earth and how you may further connect with your own physical reality.

Turtle asks:

  • Do you need to slow down?
  • Are you grounded? When was the last time your feet touched the Earth?
  • Where do you feel safe and secure?

Zebra The wild version of Horse, Zebra tells you to “expect the unexpected.” 99.9% of life is not black and white, stay open to possibility. Zebra also teaches you that blending in can be beautiful!

Zebra asks:

  •  Are you stuck in black/white thinking?
  •  Are you open to something new?