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Honoring Ancestors

Thursday is “the day” (calenderically) to honor our passed loved ones and relatives. To honor them in any way is good – I recommend a silent meal (Instructions detailed in Honoring Samhain E-course).

One teacher emphasizes working with our benevolent ancestors, another teacher emphasizes clearing the lineage of dense energies.. there’s a lot to be done for ourselves and our ancestors – 7 generations ahead and behind.. and beyond. Bottom line is learn from them and be a good person!

Today I’m invoking the kindness, humor, smile and generosity of a particular gentleman I once knew

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Samhain is a Season

Samhain (Halloween, All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day, Day of the Dead) is not just a day, or just a weekend, it’s a season. A season to remember, to clear, to mourn, to feel, to shift, to grieve, we will be different people just a few weeks from now just as the Earth is different. An appointment with the ocean called me away, but the veils were the same. Home again and Samhain will continue to be celebrated in my home. Memories, stories, crafts and food (dead bread and savory soups) will carry on.

Don’t let the “holiday season” knock you off kilter, slow, breathe, yawn, stretch and even find some revelry. Do not get so busy you forget who you are or who and where you’re from and who you want to be.

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Autumn Transition

We are different people in the different seasons, my teachers said to us. They were talking about dating someone; we were in our early 20’s and were looking for love! Know someone through all four seasons before you make a serious commitment. 2 weeks was a long time for us! Moving quickly through different suitors and ultimately finding we had to romance ourselves. Ceremony after ceremony, we sat, and we matured, we grew up in the circle.
The circle had taught me to look at my relatives, my ancestors, to appreciate being “adopted” by others and what that meant. As I learned from the indigenous people in the circle, I heard them introduce themselves by their family clan names, usually their matrilineage, a completely alien concept to someone who grew up in 1990’s American culture. We are lineage orphans, displaced from our ancestors, so far back, most of us don’t know our origins.

As I moved through these growing pains, I learned to embrace the Wheel of the Year. This is my solution today to honor my ancestors and my lineage. Not much is known in our family past having come from Virginia and probably Wales, Germany and England. One day I may be able to track back far enough and find a place to visit, for now I am content to learn to see with the eyes of my ancestors as the Wheel of the Year turns.


Honoring Samhain E-Course: A 3-day ritual to honor Samhain

The Wheel of the Year is a solar calendar. Every 6 weeks there is an event on the wheel. Samhain, or Halloween, is considered the New Year on the Celtic Wheel of the Year.
We are in the Autumn transition at this time, 2018. Each year I have learned to watch for “the winds of change.” It sounds like a movie line, but truly, since I have noticed them, they come, each Autumn and each Spring. At those times, the veils are thin, so they say, at those times, like compost, it’s time for us to turn over, to break down, to make fertile ground with our experiences for the next people we are becoming in the next season.

Each year I watch for the goldenrod, around the end of September (my birth month so it feels like a special gift!), this year it came late and was scraggly because the weather patterns were strange; it was very warm past the Equinox and then suddenly cold and rainy. The goldenrod didn’t seem to like that, it never really got a chance to bloom in it’s full glory, some did, some still are blooming, but the field of gold I visit wasn’t there this year.

Hawthorn Berry Mala Prayer Beads included in Samhain Ritual Bundles

The Hawthorn berries ripen at this time. Last year there was a fungus we noticed that affected the trees, it’s not terminal but there it is. The same thing happened to the roses that were carefully planted a couple years ago around the urban garden. Learning over the years that the hawthorn and rose are related to apple, that apple and the hawthorn are archetypically powerful at this time and so I may employ these fruits to grace my seasonal altar, I will “work with them,” physically, energetically, spiritually.
Each year I get to learn from a different teacher and go deeper with an old friend. Goldenrod has been my friend for several years now, though still a mystery to me. I enjoy seeing all of these plants come alive at this time like seeing good friends on the street, spending time with them, considering their nature and qualities, googling about them, yes, but also receiving insights directly as inspiration and understandings.


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The High Heart

The High Heart (Christ Consciousness, Divine Love) is having a major activation at this time.

I am seeing it with everyone I work on, imagine a small ball of light with rays with all the colors of an opal but not milky – iridescent.

(looks like layer 6 – the celestial field but small and inside the space between your heart and your throat).

I invite you to connect to it, grow it, sit with it, let the energy grow so much in a few moments that your entire body is full of it and the space all around you is full of it and the space of the entire room your in is full of it, and the building, and the block, and the city, the state, the country, the continent, the pacha mama (planet), the space around the pacha mama, the Milky Way, the galaxy and beyond. Go as far as you can as you feel comfortable.


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What is Florida water, how to use it and make it

Florida water simply means “flower water.” Florida water or spirit water is generally made withalcohol and is used to bring a pleasing scent into a space, and to call spirits into the space. It can be used as a cleanser, physically and energetically. There are techniques to clean one’s personal energy with Florida water, much like smudging oneself.

Paqos (holy people of the Andies) use Florida water to cleanse their energy and call in sacred energies and probably for many other things. Some healers in Central America use alcohol and fire to cleanse a persons’ energy body.

Alcohol is a controversial spirit used and abused globally. Used with respect, alcohol can help us as a medicine in so many ways.

To make a basic Florida water, collect fresh flowers, add vodka, let it sit for about 6 weeks somewhere dark, shaking every couple of days. There are many recipes online. We’ve tried a few, when we find one we really like we will post it here!

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Cultural Codependence

Being uncomfortable is a skill. Standing in the discomfort and being present is a good thing to work on; holding space for yourself and others. We are not given many models or resources to just be ourselves, feel the feelings and be uncomfortable with others. There’s a lot of co-dependent behavior our society encourages. This article talking about one of those behaviors.

Conversational narcicism. It’s a thing. We all probably do it without thinking.. I like the NVC model to help me pause and reframe. I identify the feeling (For myself or a friend, practice with myself all the time) the need and the request, and the option to say no to the request.. so if I’m listening I can try to understand what someone is feeling, what their needs may be and have some framing around those things if I feel they might want support in that way. Often most of us just want to be heard and that’s enough.

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Women’s Health Part 2

Women’s health is everyone’s health. That said, I am sharing publicly about my cycle to let ya’ll know how we can easily help ourselves.

Second round/month steaming- I am steaming once for 20 mins right before I start to help things move. (As outlined in “Rainforest Home Remedies” highly recommend!)

The effects are powerful!!

I still have a hard time believe that sitting over a steaming pot of herbs for 20 mins can have such an effect but it absolutely did for me.

Still drinking crampbark and red raspberry leaf infusion as well, so that may also play a part here but let me tell you; no cramps, a lot of flow, more than usual, and RECLAIMED ENERGY AND VIBRANCE, most importantly!

The womb, I am coming to find is the center of a woman. A lot of you might be thinking.. “duh.” It took me this long to understand it for myself.

A friend shared she feels the most connected and powerful when she is in concert with her womb, her sacral chakra, that this is the seat of decision-making and energy-pushing. At the time I couldn’t relate. Things are opening in this way now.

Here’s the idea about the physical effects – my body and organs have been working hard as long as I’ve been here – as we go through cycle after cycle after cycle, things can get stuck, encrusted, causing worse and worse cramps and more energy (and blood) to be put in this area at this time to “push harder” which causes fatigue, you get the idea.

Steaming helps promote the sloughing off of those old, stuck physical bits so the uterus can do it’s job easier. I’m over the moon with the effects.

Ok, on to resources. If you want to read more about it, should you do it (have an iud? Maybe think twice, gave birth 4 months ago..? There are a lot of factors). This is a good link to start to get an idea, I am not promoting their product, I don’t know anything about it but the FAQ is a good read;

They do sell special herbal blends, which is great but in “Rainforest Home Remedies” Rosita gives very simple and practical instructions including; use what you have. Oregano and rosemary are among her most common herbal allies. Italian blend works just fine.

Second Lauren S. Wales is a local massage therapist who has taken the training Rosita founded sharing healing Mayan womb/abdominal massage techniques, which she also details (womb massage, also very simple and practical) in the book mentioned above.

Okay, hopefully you’re feeling inspired, informed and empowered if you have difficult periods!

This is a lovely pampering Ritual to do even if you have no issues with your cycle.

I’ll probably share the diet recommendations for each week soon as well. ??

Ps. If anyone wants to send me this awesome steam stool post The Flying Cat ?

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Women’s Health

If you suffer from cramps (in general, muscle cramps too) during your cycle I tried a crampbark decoction (details on how to make / what it is below) last cycle and I am so thrilled with the results. I have been taking ibuprofen every cycle for a looong time now preemptively so I can function.

Crampbark decoction/infusion helped in a different way – it doesn’t block the sensations like convention medicine but it relaxes the muscles (revolutionary! Lol) so you’re still aware but not in pain. Wow. Highly recommend it.

Also I practiced steaming before last cycle began, helped as well, it wasn’t a big deal (used a cup of thyme from the dried garden clippings, or just use an Italian spice blend, boil it, the chair was the hardest part. Sitting over the steaming pot for a time, 10-20 mins). Wrap up, make sure you’re warm.

Back to crampbark – I don’t have a good local source for it yet, always recommend you support local economy if possible. I grabbed some at a festival last summer.

To make a decoction is very simple; boil 1tbsp dried roots for 10 mins. Strain, let cool, sip. I added raspberry leaf infusion too and the taste was perfect. 80/20 80 being raspberry leaf. Crampbark is not pleasant on its own!

To make an infusion is very simple; boil water, add a a cup of dried herbs to a 1/2 gallon jar add the boiling water, let steep for 24-48 Hrs, in fridge.

It all just takes a little forethought and planning and awareness of when your cycle happens.

There’s also a diet to follow to help balance us out hormonally to support each part of the cycle; releasing egg, ovulation, pms, bleed. Maybe another post for another time!

Herbs and water are VERY healing, especially steam and plants you grow yourself or you know where they come from.

This is not secret knowledge, nor is it difficult to do, it’s said to be the “people’s medicine.” We have it all available to us but it’s taken me many years to learn what I wish I knew at 16.

Cloth pads and menstrual cups, clary sage, there’s SO much we can use to support ourselves. And knowing we go “non-linear” for a week or two during the pms/bleed phase, we have OTHER strengths that our culture doesn’t value as highly as workaholism. There’s nothing WRONG with us at this time, in fact our psychic & intuitive abilities are enhanced at this time! If we only listen.

So I have a lot to say about this. I want to share all I finally figured out for myself to those 16-year olds and the 80-year olds and anyone who wants to know. Men need to understand this too; the future is female. And it’s NOT about acting like men, it’s embracing who we are and our needs and the needs of our communities and knowing ourselves.

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Liminal Time

So here we are, the time between. Between full and new, between Winter and Spring. Between North and East. The time of the year like the time of the pre-dawn. It is darkest and coldest right before the day is born. So it is with the Year.

We are in the time of pre-dawn and the time of waning lunar energy – turning inward time. A time of waiting, a time of preparing, a time of threshold, perhaps you meet a new gatekeeper at this time, to a version of yourself you’ve never met. Who were you? Who are you becoming? A time of quiet excitement.

You are becoming, you are quietly quickening. Listen. Pause. Still. Wait. Calm. Who are you between each breath? Are you the same inhaling as exhaling? ?