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Spring Signs

If you believe in syncronicity or “watch for signs” or get answers from the universe in the mundane, I’m just saying… I am having GREAT success now that March has arrived. It is an incredibly potent time.
So, ask your questions, ask for clarity on your blocks, (if you really want to know!), or just “play the game” with life to be open to any messages you need to receive. And really… I wouldn’t even bother with the cards, the runes or the oracles, just take a walk! It’s all right there. Or meditate for 15 minutes 🙂 It’s all there too.
When the songbirds return and the buds pop out is a very sweet time. Spring is a great turning over (spring cleaning anyone?) and can be a very potent re-birth time which also has the possibility of great danger as well. (watch your head with the winds!) If you think about it, birth has the potential for trauma much more than death. Coming into the physical is quite an extraordinary feat, and so the seeds are doing what they do naturally but it is that burst of potential energy in all things that is messy and pushes us, pushes the Earth to give, to bear, to step out.
Sometimes the Spring can be quite sleepy and extended with periods of awakeness as things come forward, but this year is not that way. Of course there’s still time (it’s only March!) for things to shift, but the energy is quite strong, so ride the wave my friends.
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Scars: A Map of a Lifetime

Our bodies carry our life stories in so many ways, on so many levels. I say this all the time as a Yoga teacher and from an esoteric level to a very real, tangible physical level, it’s true. Our bodies are temples, they are record-keepers. We all carry emotional and spiritual scar tissue from unresolved hurts and events.

I have a dent in my leg (internal scar tissue) that is approaching its 10 year anniversary and a new internal scar that is forming in my calf. I am so grateful to know how to take care of this today. I also have scar tissue behind my right knee and probably right hip from tearing the insertions to my hamstring that are approaching 6 years old.
10 years ago I didn’t know when I have a trauma, I can scoop up those energetic pieces that scatter in that moment to bring them back in quickly, the pain lessens immensely if I take that moment. 10 years ago I had a limp from the massive bruise inside my leg and was afraid I would have to walk with a cane in my 20’s and maybe forever, I didn’t know what to do. 10 years ago I didn’t know about rolling out tissue, or how to physically work with this area. I was afraid to touch it, I would push too hard and make it hurt more, if something’s wrong you just force it really hard to be right, right?

Today I am working with grief. These scars, old and new, are my record book in my body, they remind me of the person I used to be and the person I have become. They hold the energy of that moment and today, I can take action to restore and mend this tough “disorganized tissue.” Today I understand fascia on a level and how it is inexorably connected to my mental process, stored in my energy body and expressed in my emotions and physical body. “Your sore shoulder, constipation, sexual pain, infertility–all of these things can be a result of scar tissue in your body. Why hasn’t anyone told you about this possibility before? Mainstream medicine rarely looks at scar tissue because they don’t yet use effective ways for diagnosing and treating scar tissue.”


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How to Work Through Difficult Times or Negative Patterns

A 6-point plan for working through difficult times or negative patterns

Get Support

Everyone needs cheerleaders. A bunch of them. Identify the people who are supportive and positive and are excited for your well-being and personal growth. No one comes to mind? Might be a good time to look at finding a therapist, spiritual community or support group to begin developing trusting relationships. Fake it ’til you make it. You might not believe that you can open up to new people and situations, showing up is the hardest part. Try suspending your beliefs for about 6 times before you decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

Go Inward

Find ways to begin looking at yourself honestly and objectively, or maybe you just start with a 5-minute meditation a day or journaling a couple pages a day or a week. Baby steps, start small. You will find nuggets of gold in all the other stuff that might be dominating your mind and heart.

Share with others

Talk with your trusted cheerleaders; friends, healthy family members, your pastor, your therapist, share your burdens, big and small with those who are trustworthy. Finding out who is trustworthy takes time, start with little things and work your way to the bigger, more charged issues.

Practice Acceptance & Gratitude

Again, fake it ’til you make it here. You might not feel like being grateful for anything. Start small and list daily 10 things you are grateful for. If you are reading this, you probably already have 10 major things that you aren’t even aware of; you can breathe on your own, you can see, you are able to afford a way to be on the internet, be it through your own setup at home or whatever mobility brought you to a public space, keep going, keep it simple!


Once you are able to practice a few of these acceptance and support techniques, it’s time to start bringing that inward, into your own body. Breathe into your belly, deep and full for 10 breaths a day. Take your time and enjoy the little space of time you are carving out to breathe just 10 full, deep breaths.

Practice Self-Care

Self-Care is imperative if you are going to make positive life-changes. Again, keep it small and manageable. Eating something a little healthier than normal, drinking more water, taking a walk, start with accessible actions that add up. 

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West, Jaguars and Big Cats

In the spirit of the West, Jaguars and Big Cats come to help clean up dense energy, to patrol borders, boundaries and edges. In the West we learn how to be Spiritual Warriors, how to have integrity and impeccability. In the West we flow with Grandmother Water, we cycle with the Moon, we cry and move through it. In the West we are polished by grit into who we are becoming. Let all your junk be coal and be pressurized – we are all diamonds waiting to emerge.


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Clearing Energy

When we work with fire we release old habits, thought patterns, blocks to our personal power, outworn relationships to help clear stagnant energy that can, when left too long, cause physical illness.

What would you put in the fire? What would you release to create more room for health, energy and clarity? Just one thing?

I recently released shame and self-sabotage (and will probably have to do it again, and again, and again, these things don’t end with one fell swoop most times). I feel a clarity and a finer vibration of energy through me that is helping me feel more centered, focused and able to manage. It doesn’t stop after the fire, you do have to do the footwork in the day-to-day; go to counseling, take a class, show up for yourself, or take some personal days.

Your life changes the moment you decide to show up for yourself.

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Inauguration Day

We are here to learn to love in a Human way… And may it start with me! Maybe that’s what today is all about. As I get better all my relations benefit, we all “Grow UP” together

Listen. When we are suffering and struggling hard with someone or something, this is the BEST time to do really potent healing. Take a good, hard look at what is IN YOU triggered by an external force – it’s giving you the opportunity to look at your own junk that wants to rise to the surface – defense, hate, anger, defeat, hurts. THESE are the most potent places to find your power. The more we focus on the external and blame, the more power we give away.

The Shadow is being called forth so we can light it up. 90% of Shadow is hurt and anger, rage and frustration; things tied to our personalities and our grief around what didn’t happen, our Humanness. Learn to love your own Humanness and you will be able to love others’. If we can honor those things and release them within ourselves, bit by bit (this work does not happen in one fell swoop), the pressure will relieve, that external thing has less and less Power over us and our emotions and we re-gain bits of our own Power to make clear decisions, to step into our own selves more fully.

When we are able to do this everyone around us benefits – especially children. They see a strong and clear individual facing something that hurts and rising and even gaining power from the triggers, once the work is done. This is a beautiful example to show everyone how to walk in a world that is full of “slings and arrows.”

Terrible things are always happening in the world. Always, but if you let them consume you you have no strength, no drive, you are deflated, you have lost your Vitality. Do your work. Set your boundaries, feel the feelings and act out of your own power. Do not let Fear of the Future consume you. Stay Centered, stay Present, feed your own Fire. Detach with Love.

I know some of you are parents and you’re asking me when the heck am I supposed to do Shadowwork while my kids are with me all day. I see that struggle and I commend you for doing your best day to day and I get that time for this work might not be available. Just planting a seed. You might be able to touch on it in the early mornings just by acknowledging that you will own your Power in this day, and check in through the day. Once the day gets going maybe that early morning is the only time you have all day. That’s okay. Remember that Loving your Humanness is the point.

The Quechwa in Peru call it “Hoocha” – Dense or disorganized energy. So we can also be healers in this world by setting our intention to “organize and clean” energy. Again, got kids, that ain’t going to happen physically! But your intent can be the anchor for that. Energetic cleanliness and organization is much quicker than physical. Taking a few moments to ask your helpers (Spirit Guide, Higher Self), to come with you through the day and keep things “ordered,” not visually or physically but keeping your energy centered and staying connected to your power. A Power Greater than us is always available, and one we can ask for help, that’s the point. We are only Human. We are here to learn to love in a Human way… And may it start with me! Maybe that’s what today is all about.

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Beauty is a gateway drug

Beauty is a gateway drug.

It gets us to appreciation which is related to gratitude. Living in gratitude is a completely different realm than without it. What is beautiful to you? Imagine every aspect of your life in beauty, insides and out. How would that feel?

The Beauty Way” has enhanced the vitality of my life and brought so much richness to my inner and physical life. The Beauty Way is a native concept to “walk in Beauty” and see beauty in all is our work as we shed our armor, our hurts, and heal our hearts. All things become Beautiful when you walk through healing fires, after you have had your trials and come to terms with the not-so-beautiful stuff in life that you may have yourself created or inherited by no choice of your own.
It’s January, can you use your senses and imagination to find appreciation? Time to go inward, meditation, yoga, Journeywork or working with dried plants, roots and sensitivities. There are vibrations and little things living still in the underground, it is prime time to reach out to our Cosmic friends, our Ancestors, our Guides, or our own Inner Knowledge.
The sun is sleeping at least for 8 more weeks and so now is also a good time to feed our own “inner sun;” our Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus is connected to our feeling of self-worth, self-esteem and self-love and physically to digestion – the heat of our belly, an aspect known in Ayurveda as Pitta dosha. One of the master techniques in Yoga to keep digestion healthy is Agni Sara, churning of the belly and digestive organs to stay clean.

This is a critical time for nourishing, slowing down, resting, being still yet maintaining activity, take the supplements (Vitamin D, Vitamin C) you need and I am deferring to Susun Weed’s advice of taking nourishing herbal infusions (look her up, there’s tons of stuff out there). Nettle and Oatstraw are good ones that come to mind.

Leave a comment and tell me about one of the most beautiful things you’ve experienced.

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Ways to Pray

Prayer can be confusing for some of us who have not experienced an authentic relationship with our Creator or our own Spirit. Prayer can be just as powerful for atheists and agnostics just the same as for those following a particular faith. Below are a few simple ways to try praying, sometimes we have to “fake it til we make it” to find that relationship, we have to start before we feel it.

It can be very helpful to develop a habit of prayer and meditation in the morning or evening, or any time before crisis happens in our lives. That way we have a way to reach out for our spiritual lifeline. If you want to try but still aren’t sure, maybe think about trying it for 10 days to see how it feels as a routine in your life.

Praying often comes down to two intentions – asking for help and giving thanks. Consider doing both in your prayer time to maintain balance.

Ways to Pray
One way to “pray” for each other is to “sing up their names” simply singing each other’s names one by one to help lift us each up.

Another way to pray is to place tobacco (usually) or cornmeal, or any other plant or offering you know is appropriate for your relationship with Spirit on the ground, in a special place, at a tree base, etc.. for yourself and everyone else.

Journaling can be a form of prayer – writing a “Dear God/Spirit/Creator/Higher Self” Letter to relieve our burdens, share what’s in our hearts and ask for help.

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Good Health, Good Help

I’ve been keeping a continuous herbal infusion going in the little crockpot. I like it a lot more than bone broth. This one has rosemary, thyme, oregano and a couple dried rose buds.. It’s been going for about 3 days, just turn it off at night and keep it warm during the day. It couldn’t be simpler, just throw the herbs and water together and let it brew. The aromatic herbs (rosemary, oregano, thyme) are great for respiratory health. The stronger brew (infusion) will have stronger effects than a simple tea.

Feeling bloated? Dandelion Root tea is excellent diuretic, make sure you are drinking lots of water to continue to hydrate as you release.

Currently trying Parsley tea as an emmenagogue – to get things started with my moon cycle. I’ll report back!

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The Beginner’s Mind

Remembering the Beginner’s Mind. As I am in learning mode for the next leg of life I am reminded of “feeling dumb” not knowing and the stumbling that happens as I try to grow new legs and stand in something I’m not yet strong in. Also the excitement of a new Journey and new tools! (0 the Fool –> 1 The Magician)

I’ve spent a lot of time in the realms of the familiar and teaching what I know to others and trying to relate to the Beginner’s Mind.. Grateful for the embodiment of that reminder. Oh yeah…. this is what it feels like. Unsteady, uncertain, don’t want to “do it wrong,” perfectionism creeping in. Can’t do it perfect if you’ve never done it before.