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Super Blue Full Moon with a side of Lunar Eclipse!

I’m coming out!

Friends, this is it. This all-the-things Full Moon in Leo is THE time. Join our newsletter to receive the Journal Prompts for this Full Moon for free!

Topics will be on

• Self-love

• Self-expression

• “Coming out”

…and more.

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Inauguration Day

We are here to learn to love in a Human way… And may it start with me! Maybe that’s what today is all about. As I get better all my relations benefit, we all “Grow UP” together

Listen. When we are suffering and struggling hard with someone or something, this is the BEST time to do really potent healing. Take a good, hard look at what is IN YOU triggered by an external force – it’s giving you the opportunity to look at your own junk that wants to rise to the surface – defense, hate, anger, defeat, hurts. THESE are the most potent places to find your power. The more we focus on the external and blame, the more power we give away.

The Shadow is being called forth so we can light it up. 90% of Shadow is hurt and anger, rage and frustration; things tied to our personalities and our grief around what didn’t happen, our Humanness. Learn to love your own Humanness and you will be able to love others’. If we can honor those things and release them within ourselves, bit by bit (this work does not happen in one fell swoop), the pressure will relieve, that external thing has less and less Power over us and our emotions and we re-gain bits of our own Power to make clear decisions, to step into our own selves more fully.

When we are able to do this everyone around us benefits – especially children. They see a strong and clear individual facing something that hurts and rising and even gaining power from the triggers, once the work is done. This is a beautiful example to show everyone how to walk in a world that is full of “slings and arrows.”

Terrible things are always happening in the world. Always, but if you let them consume you you have no strength, no drive, you are deflated, you have lost your Vitality. Do your work. Set your boundaries, feel the feelings and act out of your own power. Do not let Fear of the Future consume you. Stay Centered, stay Present, feed your own Fire. Detach with Love.

I know some of you are parents and you’re asking me when the heck am I supposed to do Shadowwork while my kids are with me all day. I see that struggle and I commend you for doing your best day to day and I get that time for this work might not be available. Just planting a seed. You might be able to touch on it in the early mornings just by acknowledging that you will own your Power in this day, and check in through the day. Once the day gets going maybe that early morning is the only time you have all day. That’s okay. Remember that Loving your Humanness is the point.

The Quechwa in Peru call it “Hoocha” – Dense or disorganized energy. So we can also be healers in this world by setting our intention to “organize and clean” energy. Again, got kids, that ain’t going to happen physically! But your intent can be the anchor for that. Energetic cleanliness and organization is much quicker than physical. Taking a few moments to ask your helpers (Spirit Guide, Higher Self), to come with you through the day and keep things “ordered,” not visually or physically but keeping your energy centered and staying connected to your power. A Power Greater than us is always available, and one we can ask for help, that’s the point. We are only Human. We are here to learn to love in a Human way… And may it start with me! Maybe that’s what today is all about.

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The Beginner’s Mind

Remembering the Beginner’s Mind. As I am in learning mode for the next leg of life I am reminded of “feeling dumb” not knowing and the stumbling that happens as I try to grow new legs and stand in something I’m not yet strong in. Also the excitement of a new Journey and new tools! (0 the Fool –> 1 The Magician)

I’ve spent a lot of time in the realms of the familiar and teaching what I know to others and trying to relate to the Beginner’s Mind.. Grateful for the embodiment of that reminder. Oh yeah…. this is what it feels like. Unsteady, uncertain, don’t want to “do it wrong,” perfectionism creeping in. Can’t do it perfect if you’ve never done it before.

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Happy December!

Have you tried Rosehip tea? Rosehips have an exponential amount of Vitamin C compared to oranges. Making all the things with rosehips has been a lovely experience and I look forward to the next plant relationship.
Thinking a lot about Winter recipes to stay healthy and mushrooms are coming in loud and clear. UV exposed mushrooms are full of Vitamin D, the vitamin so many of us miss out on in the winter that can lead to seasonal depression. I always have the thought that I should hit a tanning bed, but yuck, it never feels very good to me. Also read about getting green lights to help the brain remember the green and of course the full spectrum lightbulbs.rose-wreath2
Lastly, the herbs have been so beautiful in their assistance in gentle healing. I am savoring the last of the fresh herbs for steaming, bathing, and wreath-making. Some will go in our Winter Solstice Bundles and others will be processed for medicine – tea, infusions, tinctures and vinegars.
Our big plan is to start making bread in the coming months, we are excited about fermentation, always. There is kombucha, kiefer water here, kvass brewing and sour kraut, no lack of probiotics in our little kitchen.
We are blessed and the countdown to Solstice has begun. Happy December!