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Feeling Weird? Need some guidance?

Feeling weird lately? I pulled a card to give us some guidance as a collective if you are interested in checking it out, scroll down to the section that says:


But first, let me explain:

I have the feeling of being in some weird energy lately, for the last 5 weeks. I’m talking about collective energy, kind of the “overlay” or umbrella of energy that many of us experience at the same time in our own unique ways. Not necessarily *everyone* experiences this energy, but generally those I am in contact with, have worked on, done ceremony with, who may randomly see this message that I have never met – that is the energetic connective tissue that binds us and we may be feeling (and creating without really knowing it!) a group energy.

Because I’m speaking on it, and you are seeing this or we are connected energetically, you may understand this message on a level that you may or may not be conscious of. Also, very importantly – if we are connected energetically, the way I take care of myself matters and helps you and vice versa (so take care of yourself, for me and all of us, eh? Mainly do it for you, but if you struggle to at first, lean on US). Anyway..

This energy of late has been the result of deep, deep fear (I don’t know that intuitively, but have come to this conclusion of my own personal experiences) and this is the expression of that, in the form of how one might interpret the “Devil” card – weird energy.

Now, the root of the word “weird” means “with Spirit,” so I never think of that word negatively, but this is definitely a very uncomfortable expression of that word.

I pulled a card for the collective to help itself, I got “the Sage” Reversed. This is from the Brian Froud The Faeries’ Oracle deck (my first deck ever! gifted to me by a highschool friend)


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The Sage, Reversed

The book’s interpretation of this card reversed was a stopping of the flow of special information, essentially.

The very clear message I got right away was


to help shift the collective energy, not just this weird little pocket of energy, (this weird little pocket of energy is an OPPORTUNITY, when something is “off” we are being given a chance to grow and change), but the entire collective’s experience of the damages of patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism. The masculine is damaged, I often teach about tobacco and how the energy matrix of tobacco has been damaged by the abuse of this plant and the misunderstanding including the “banning” of it from campuses, for good reasons, obviously, but how misunderstood and misused it is, it is the same for masculine energy but has been going on much longer and is more pervasive.


Setting boundaries with love
Loving those you don’t like
Sharing information
Action and Doing
Sharing Resources when appropriate, not when self-damaging

>>Please comment and leave more examples!


By focusing on the “masculine” I do NOT mean gender, nor do I expect that anyone identifies inwardly as more feminine or masculine. The qualities of masculine and feminine can be very basic and these principles come from native teachings I have received, from a very “gendered” source. There is no “be all, end all” but these are some ideas.

•the line and the circle
•direct and pushing energy vs creating a container and inviting inward
•taking life, giving life
• etc.

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