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Dream Work

Do you have weird dreams? Share in the comments (I’ll share one of mine and my interpretation). Below is a technique we use to find the “meaning” of dreams or Journeys.

On Monday night Shamanic Journey class we use Robert Moss’s Lightning Technique for Journeywork but it’s really intended for Dreamwork, try it! –

1. Title your dream
2. What happened
3. How did you feel?
4. What’s the action plan – what action can you take based on the dream? I ask people how will they honor their Journey in the coming week or month.. usually it’s something rather simple.

One thought on “Dream Work

  1. 1. The Freezer Won’t Stop

    2. I was at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and their freezer kept creating ice – the kind of ice that would form on the insides, not ice cubes. It was overwhelming and just kept making ice, so I was trying to help take ice outside continually.

    3. Felt overwhelmed!

    4. My action plan is to stop trying to help others clear their frozen feelings and focus on the emotions I need to honor from the time in life when I was that my Aunt and Uncle’s house a lot – 10, 11, & 12 years old.

    My interpretation was thus; water generally connects to emotions and things “under the surface,” in a frozen state would represent frozen emotions, I’m carrying someone else’ frozen emotions trying to “help.” The setting and the characters were strong when I was 10-12, I was at their house a lot at that time. It might benefit me to look at those memories for clues to what my inner child likes to do or how she felt about life at that time.

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