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How to Work with Your Dreams

What messages are coming through your dreams? I am really enjoying doing the lightning technique from Robert Moss with my dreams to mine the potent energy.


We do a version of his technique in Journey classes, it’s a really fantastic way to get a clear picture of your subconscious and deeply held desires, what sparks your zest for life and the stuff that might be in the way.

I was afraid of my dreams for a long time. Every time I tried to start a dream journal I would come up against some really uncomfortable feelings or situations my subconscious wanted me to see, feel, and move. At the time I wasn’t ready.

Now that I have tools to help myself through trauma without causing more trauma or uncomfortable feelings without shutting down, it’s a really fun process.

Shadow work, dream work and journey work are inexorably connected. There is no separating them, but they are all different paths to ourselves. These are definitely realms I feel proficient at guiding people who want to go deeper and ultimately live more fully into the persons they are and want to be.

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