Energy Body

The Chakra System

The Chakra System for the purposes of this course are the 7 major energy centers in the body. Each is located in an area that correlates to glands in the endocrine system and often major nerve centers.
As we live we create relationship with different aspects of our experiences, externally and internally. The Chakras play a major role in our relationship-building. When the Chakras are blocked or malfunctioning, our perception and intake of energy will be skewed. Oftentimes we learn to live this way without knowing the experience of having a healthily-functioning Energy Body.


The Energy Body

The Energy Body consists of many layers, all connected to each other and includes the Chakras. Our experience of life is experienced and filtered by our Energy Body. The Chakras are filters that connect, receive and move energy through the Energy Body as well as to all things around us. Our energy system is connected inherently to all things on this planet, seen and unseen as all matter is also energy.

The Energy Body Continued

Each Chakra extends from the body in a Cone-like shape. The Crown and Root Chakras only extend from the body from top and bottom, while the other 5 Chakras extend forward and backward. Each chakra has it’s own dimensionality and corresponds to a layer in the Energy Field; Root Chakra being connected to the first layer and so on. 

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Qenti Wasi, Joan Parisi Wilcox