Energy Healing Session

A note on Energy Work

I have had people on my table who; felt their ancestors in the room help them heal and give them messages, processed grief, felt as big as the room, went into a deep healing rest during periods of major transition, cleared burdens of the past they didn’t know were there, were relieved of mental, emotional, physical pain and spiritual disconnection. I can’t promise a cure, but I can say everyone has left feeling more like themselves, less burdened and with “homework” I give for continuing self-care.

I personally see someone for energy work every week if I can, every other week or at least once a month, among other self-care practices. I recommend people come back once a week if things are very heavy (like if you haven’t been brushing your teeth and you need some serious dental work), or every other week, once a month or once a quarter for a “check-up.”

I use simple techniques with intent and hand placements for balancing, clearing and strengthening the overall energy body and may use Chakra cleansing techniques to unburden, re-align, repair & sometimes rebuild your chakras (energy centers) depending on need. I also work with Earth medicine which may include things like using rattles to break up stagnant energy, smudging with smoke and feathers to clear dense energy, infused water to help the body process and re-mineralize… among other things may be involved in your session.

My background is in western (American psycho-spiritual, Jungian), eastern (Yogic) & southern (Andean cosmology) techniques from different teaching lineages.

Julia did wonderful work with me this week. She is kind and caring.

Julia, your energy sessions are amazing! I hope everyone knows how transformative these can be. You work magic ❤️

Julia Martin's spiritual teaching, guidance, and wisdom has been an invaluable source of insight in my life since I moved to Cincinnati.

Julia is a grounded, nurturing host with so much wisdom in these ways.

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