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How are you affected by the Full Moon?

The full moon will be in Scorpio this Saturday. Working on moon  journal prompts now. These are not they but questions around the full  moon cycles in general.

Do you honor the cycles of the moon? How? 

Are you feeling anything peculiar about this energy? 

Are you a Scorpio? Do you feel stronger or more chaotic when the full moon shines in your sign? 

Last year I was gifted with a very strange experience – visions during  the full moon, and no I wasn’t “on” anything but post-yoga and  meditation at the Red River Gorge. 

Since then, I have noticed either a  buzzy feeling, elation feeling, anxious feeling and sometimes I get  access to the doorway that opened when I received those visions. It’s  been a whole new skill set (which I do believe is coming in with age and  the way a woman’s body and intuition is like a fine wine) and no I  don’t have access to it just any time but I do have to pay attention and  if I can create the conditions, I can access that channel. Not only do I  possibly have visions but the synchronicities are uncanny, even still  after all the years of mind-blowing events, it’s hard to believe. This  is connection to Spirit. 


I share this for many reasons; I enjoy  sharing my experience and I hear from many women that they are worried  or confused or overwhelmed by their “powers,” not sure what’s happening,  don’t know what to do, don’t know it could be normal, have been called  crazy or too sensitive. This kind of connection CAN be very overwhelming  and the best I can offer is to talk to your guides and the energy and  tell them it’s too much, you need less, ask for help and ask for a  buffer or filter. You do not have to be open to it all at once. 

Practice deep self-care, do your best and keep your negative self-talk out of it, that only makes it worse.

Join me for Moon Journal prompts on theflyingcat. net – more specific content for this Full Moon in Scorpio.

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