Moon Journal Example


Are you perhaps taking yourself a little too seriously right now? There’s a lot of potential pressure during this season. You may be feeling overwhelmed to do all the things, show up to all the events, utilize every moment of each day for production or feel that you’re constantly trying to tie up loose ends.

What are your methods for decompression? How do you lighten up and who helps you laugh?

In indigenous traditions, depending on the culture, being struck by lightning makes you a holy person or terminally ill. Lightning energy is extremely powerful and potent. This is, of course, a play on words but may give us some insight about the potency of being struck by “lightening” and embracing lighting up.

We might not be able to step outside of life but these are some ways to lighten:

As simple as smiling or pretend laughing can start the process. Taking time to be alone often if you’re an introvert and need that, or staying up on your “social hygiene” if you tend to stay in too much; make sure you make the effort to be social even if it’s in small, simple ways like saying hello to a fellow worker or acquaintance. Taking a moment each day in gratitude, it takes nothing but a few minutes to pause and mentally bring forward what we’re grateful for, notice the feelings that come as you go through each person, place, or thing.

Giving a gift anonymously, with no expectation for anything in return is a great act of karma which might not make you feel great immediately (although it probably will), but will ultimately come around to lift you at some point. We could never truly know the impact we have on each other, but it is immense. Just by being you, you are affecting so many others. By embracing yourself and “lighting up,” you light up so many others, even if you don’t see it.

What do you need to put down to feel lighter?

What are some good ways for you to lighten?



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This new moon is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius energy can bring us some impulses to feel that we want to break out of our appearing “chains of life” and get away. It can, however, also help us feel more optimistic, more abundant in our spirits, enthusiastic and generous. If possible, this would be a good energy to put toward finding the next “do nothing” moment you can find, or possibly re-defining what freedom feels like.


Starting a New Year 2018

Did you tick off any goals, go to new places, find a deeper sense of self?

Are you picking a word for the Year?

Did you have one for last year?

2018 is an 11 year – good for manifesting, what would you like to see happen in your life this year?

2017 seemed to be the year of the trickster (Coyote).

Ask for some Eagle energy to bring clarity in confusing and dark times.


What came to you in 2017?

What did you let go?

What are you calling in for 2018?