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Full moon Aquarius


What areas are out of alignment?
What’s causing you doubt in your life?
What can happen without your involvement?
What can happen just from waiting?
What can you do for yourself during periods of uncomfortable waiting?

After our big squeeze through eclipse season, we have landed, both feet down, but our heads may still be in the sky. We are headed to a new life that is not yet here. This is a time for a sacred pause. Trusting that a lot of the “heavy lifting” is happening spirit-side, our work in this moment may be in the unresolved, unfinishedness of life and waiting. Patience isn’t cultivated when everything is harmonious.

If you aren’t feeling clear right now, you could consult an oracle or just take time for this pause. Being in the uncomfortable, unresolved place can be unnerving, but there is a lot going on spirit-side to organize your energy. You may have done all the “heavy lifting” or you will soon. This is a moment of calibration, it takes a pause to adjust.

Just as the plants are at their fullness, we may be too, this is a period of waiting in nature, a mirror to the dead of winter, growth is reaching a peak. Soon enough nature will yield to the cooler temperatures and begin drawing back into the Earth.


Full Moon

The Full Moon is a time for releasing patterns, habits or unwelcome energy. Our society is not agricultural today and so when we pay attention to the cycles of the moon it can help us to stay in synch with the Earth and our own internal rhythms. “By the light of the Moon” is a good time to make space and continue clearing for the following two weeks. As the Moon wanes (the light dims in progression toward the New Moon), so our space may grow as we continue to release one or few things with purpose.

One way to honor your Full Moon clearing is to work with Fire each month. It may helps to have a special candle, a fireplace or outdoor pit you can have a little ritual for yourself. If you wrote down intentions at the New Moon, the Full Moon is the proper time to release those intentions. You can write them on slips of paper and burn them one at a time with gratitude for what has come to pass or if it has not manifested, gratitude that it didn’t. Sometimes those things we ask for aren’t for our highest good or aren’t in right time at the moment we are asking. Perhaps your intention takes longer and more energy to grow.

If you wish to go deeper in the context of clearing and letting go during the Full Moon, you might pointedly release patterns or habits that are self-sabotaging; things you continue to do (or not do) that rob you of your energy and time. We need clarity first to identify where we are getting in our own way and then the willingness to step toward change. A little Journaling can help and maybe you can identify just one way you want to change your mind or your daily routine to make space for something a little different, bringing in fresh, new energy.

New Moon

The New Moon is a time for “planting seeds,” literally or figuratively. Our society is not agricultural today and so when we pay attention to the cycles of the moon it can help us to stay in synch with the Earth and our own internal rhythms. The “Dark Moon” is a good time to set intentions for the following two weeks. As the moon waxes (grows in light toward full), so our intentions may grow as we continue to feed those hopes we set with purpose.

One way to honor your New Moon intentions is to keep a “New Moon Journal” where all you do is write your intentions each month. It may helps to have a special candle or incense you like to set the tone each time you sit to write your intentions. You could go for a full-blown ritual of your own design or if you prefer a minimalist approach or have just a little time, you can create a simple ritual where you might write down one to three intentions on a slip of paper each to focus on for the following two weeks and at the full moon release.

If it’s not meant to be it may not happen for you in that window of time. Perhaps your intention takes longer and more energy to grow. You can focus on the same intention each New Moon if it feels right for you. If the cycles of the moon are a little quicker paced than you are comfortable with you might take a look at the Wheel of the Year to link with the Solar Cycle. Often when we begin the New Year, we will pick a word to set the tone for our year rather than a resolution. This concept might be something you look at with each New Moon from different angles.


Eclipses are a good time to go inward; journaling, meditating and generally being observant is a good way to honor the energy of this time. Eclipse energy can be similar to retrograde energy, if you’ve heard that “Mercury in retrograde” is a bad time to start new projects or try to resolve issues, think of eclipse energy in this way. Not that they negatively influence us, but are asking us to pause and observe rather than go, go, go, do, do, do.
The call here is just to BE.


Every time the Earth and another planet are side by side in this orbit there is a retrograde moment. Other planets don’t actually go backward but the pausing of side by side makes them appear to go backwards when we on Earth look up at the night sky. So it is accepted that the “normal” flow of energy in relationship between Earth and another planet pauses and may appear to go backward or be reversed. Retrograde periods are really just calling us to pause our normal routines and habits and maybe make some changes based on past behaviors. Take a good look but don’t stare! Any retrograde period is a time to reflect slowly and adjust your path within the channel the planet’s character brings forward in your life.

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