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About this Course

Daily support of your chakra system can create an optimal life experience. Care of your energy centers could be as routine as brushing your teeth. Everyone is able to learn simple techniques to harmonize their energy centers. 

Items you will need: Journal / Sketchbook
Optional Items: Headphones, blanket for Journey, eye cover for Journey, pendulum, Images of Animals, Totem items, Altar space.
This Course aims to inform you how to perceive, understand and experience your Chakras and Energy Body so you may begin to shift any blockages or malfunctions in your system.

It is a practical approach using Affirmations, Journal Prompts, Animal Totems, Guided Meditation, Shamanic Journey and other suggested techniques to support the optimal balance of your Energetic System.

Take each course at your own pace but do try to complete each exercise. I hope you enjoy the process and get excited to learn a lot about yourself, your relationships and how you perceive the world.

Course Package Includes:

7 different courses, 1 for each Chakra
Tutorials on ~
-The Chakra System (An Overview)
-Shamanic Journey Tutorial
-How to Work with Animal Guides

Each Lesson May Include:
Shamanic Journeys with Animal Totems
Guided Meditations
Chakra Meditation
Breath Exercises
Journal Prompts
Shamanic Clearing Methods
Video Tutorials on Healing Work
Original Artwork
and more!

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As we live we create relationship with different aspects of our experiences, externally and internally. The Chakras play a major role in our relationship-building. When the Chakras are blocked or malfunctioning, our perception and intake of energy will be skewed. Oftentimes we learn to live this way without knowing the experience of having a healthily-functioning Energy Body.


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