Honoring Beltane


May 1st is Beltane on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It is a cross-quarter holiday (between solstice and equinox), traditionally celebrated with a bonfire to help “turn the wheel.” We light the fire to clear stagnant energy from the winter, to light a path ahead, to remember ourselves, a moment of pause.

It’s also traditionally the time for weddings, unions, and the old tradition of hand-fasting, tying the knot. It’s a fascinating time as the energy comes roaring forth back to life, just the opposite of Samhain, the celebration of death and light into dark.

I offer insight and suggestions for practices, rituals, journal prompts and spiritual allies for this season in Honoring Beltane, available now 💕💕💕 Ritual subscribers automatically get a copy.

About Beltane
Ritual Tools & Allies
Making Florida Water
Using Florida Water
Making Flower Essences
Sex, Fertility, & Union
Deepening Intimacy
Natural Bug Spray Recipes
Making Flower Crowns
And More…



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