Energy Healing Intensive Level 1

This is intended as a BEGINNER course will be for people who know nothing to a little bit about energy body anatomy (energy field and/or chakras). People who practice or know a fair amount about energy healing are of course welcome to participate to be ‘in the flow’ of the group energy and activate their energy body during our several-week course.

 Learn the what, how, and why of taking care of your Energy Body including your Chakras.

 Learn how to use a pendulum and “feel” energy to assess the energy body of another or yourself.

 Learn about what you’re seeing if you see colors or shapes or little bits of light.

 Learn how to perceive energy if you DON’T “see” energy, everyone has multiple ways of perceiving energy fields and vortices (chakras) on themselves, others, people, animals, plants and the Earth itself!

 Shamanic Journey work will be included in this course, it is a vital tool to connecting with your angels, ancestors, guides and spirit helpers who help you with your energy body.

 Learn why time in nature is important for healers or anyone interested in self-care.

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