Honoring Imbolc



Imbolc is considered a “cross-quarter” holiday! Groundhog Day is a lot more than it appears. There are ties to the activity of Bears flatulating (yes really) in German forests at this time of year to indicate the forecast of a long or short winter. Staying with tradition but lacking in bears, the groundhog was an apt substitute in North America.

On the Celtic wheel of the year this date is known as Imbolc, the time when ewes start to give milk. Could you imagine the glory of having some sort of fresh sustenance in the coldest time of the year?

Also known as St. Brigid’s and Candlemas, it is a “cross-quarter” holiday meaning it falls between solstice and Equinox.

All cross-quarter holidays are celebrated with Fire! At this time in particular we light the fires to clear stagnant winter energy and celebrate the returning heat and light coming in just 6 weeks – one more turn of the wheel – the “new year” Spring Equinox, usually March 21st or so.

Spring is coming!

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  • Seed Blessings
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  • Poetry & Prayer
  • Runes & Divination
  • Making Cheese & Yogurt
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