Honoring Mabon (Equinox)


Mabon (Fall Equinox) is the second harvest festival of the year. We go deeper into preparations for the coming months. As the temperatures begin to cool, we also get a nice “second spring” most of the time, the flowers bloom in fevor one more time and we get to experience the beauty of the changing colors on the leaves. If you take a trip North or South, up or down a mountain, you get to experience this season in fast forward or reverse! Consider taking a trip this fall to enjoy the beauty of this transition.

Theme: Grief and Ancestral Healing
About Mabon / Fall Equinox
Ritual Tools & Allies
Releasing Ritual
A Prayer of Surrender
Grief Gardens
When the Grief Isn’t Yours
Tending your grief garden
Devotional Gardens
Ancestors & Dreams
In Season ~ A poem by Amy Thomas
Journal Prompts
And more!



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