Honoring the Wheel of the Year E-Zine Series


Get all 8 e-zines full of information about each holiday, suggested crafts, ritual items to use and make, rituals, journal prompts and more. These are digital downloaded items, there are no physical products.

• Honoring Samhain

A 3-day ritual to honor Samhain.

We start with preparations; meal-planning, journaling and a ritual cleansing bath. We are clearing and setting the stage for a fire ceremony on the second day and deep rest and nourishment on the third day for integration. There are instructions for continuing to stay connected through prayer and meditation as you allow your fire ceremony to work on you through the following week.

  • Preparing
  • Ritual Tools & Allies
  • Protection
  • Ritual Bath
  • Journal Prompts
  • Ancestor Meal
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Opening & Closing Sacred Space
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Restful Activity
  • Mala Meditation
  • Dream Journaling
  • After the 3-Day Ritual: Going Forward

• Honoring Solstice

Make some meaning this season! Our E-course is chock full of natural ways to stay healthy and be intentional with friends, family and honor your precious alone time.


  • Sacred Nourishment
  • Intentional Gathering
  • Why we work with evergreens
  • What is Hygge
  • Journal Prompts
  • Fire Cider recipe
  • How to make tinctures and infusions
  • Personal practices of Tea Ceremony & Shamanic Journey

• Honoring Imbolc


  • Seed Blessings
  • Sacred Wells
  • St. Brigid
  • Poetry & Prayer
  • Runes & Divination
  • Making Cheese & Yogurt
  • and more..

• Honoring Equinox


  • Ostara and the Coming of Spring
  • Ritual Tools & Allies; Suggested Tools & Suggested Practices
  • Winds of Change
  • Topics; Rabbits, Ephemerals & the Fae
  • Ayurvedic Suggestions for Balance
  • Equinox Activities; Dying Eggs & Bird Seed Ornaments
  • Mandala Ceremony Instructions

Honoring Beltane

May 1st is Beltane on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It is a cross-quarter holiday (between solstice and equinox), traditionally celebrated with a bonfire to help “turn the wheel.” We light the fire to clear stagnant energy from the winter, to light a path ahead, to remember ourselves, a moment of pause.

It’s also traditionally the time for weddings, unions, and the old tradition of hand-fasting, tying the knot. It’s a fascinating time as the energy comes roaring forth back to life, just the opposite of Samhain, the celebration of death and light into dark.

I offer insight and suggestions for practices, rituals, journal prompts and spiritual allies for this season in Honoring Beltane, available now 💕💕💕 Ritual subscribers automatically get a copy.

About Beltane
Ritual Tools & Allies
Making Florida Water
Using Florida Water
Making Flower Essences
Sex, Fertility, & Union
Deepening Intimacy
Natural Bug Spray Recipes
Making Flower Crowns
And More…

Honoring Solstice


About Litha
Rituals & Allies
What does the term “medicine” mean?
Native American Teachings; The Medicine Wheel
Native American Teachings; Making a Medicine Bag
Earth Medicine
Herbal Medicines; Tincture, Infused Oil, Salve
What it means to find a feather?
Identifying a feather
Which feathers are illegal to have?
Caring for feathers.
Wrapping feathers with intent.
Feather Doctoring
Journal Questions

Honoring Lammas

Lammas is the first harvest festival of the year. We start to reap what we’ve sewn, we celebrate grains by enjoying bread. It’s the beginning of the end of Summer, it’s time to deeply appreciate the rest of the sun’s warmth and light as we prepare to shed for the colder months approaching.


About Lughnasadh, the story of Lugh & Tailtiu
Ritual Tools & Allies
Topics: Abundance & Gratitudede
Bread, Beer & The First Harvest, Preparing
Herb Bath for Soul Recovery; Preparing Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit
Altar Shifting for Easeful Transition
Broom & Besom
How To: Make an Herb Besom
How To: Use your Herb Besom for Personal Energy Healing
How To: Use your Herb Besom for Home Energy Healing
Gathering to share Abundance & Gratitude
Journal Prompts

Honoring Mabon

Mabon (Fall Equinox) is the second harvest festival of the year. We go deeper into preparations for the coming months. As the temperatures begin to cool, we also get a nice “second spring” most of the time, the flowers bloom in fevor one more time and we get to experience the beauty of the changing colors on the leaves. If you take a trip North or South, up or down a mountain, you get to experience this season in fast forward or reverse! Consider taking a trip this fall to enjoy the beauty of this transition.

Theme: Grief and Ancestral Healing
About Mabon / Fall Equinox
Ritual Tools & Allies
Releasing Ritual
A Prayer of Surrender
Grief Gardens
When the Grief Isn’t Yours
Tending your grief garden
Devotional Gardens
Ancestors & Dreams
In Season ~ A poem by Amy Thomas
Journal Prompts
And more!


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