Samhain Bundle Physical Ritual Items


Our Samhain Bundles are shaping up.

Will include instructions and hand-crafted items for a personal fire ritual. As this bundle comes to fruition the price may increase depending on the items added. Reserve it now and the price will not change for you.

  • Black Salt
  • Ancestor Florida Water
  • Copal Resin Incense
  • Firestarter or Candle
  • Plant Ally
  • And more.

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Samhain means Summer’s End.

In the traditional view Samhain (“Sow-wen”) is the end of a yearly cycle on the wheel and the beginning of a new cycle. Typically found on the same day as Halloween, the energy of Samhain is much more than a day. Often spanning several weeks, it is the last of 3 harvest holidays and the beginning of an inner quietude.

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