Shamanic Intensive


Week 1: Power Animals & Spirit Allies

Identify your main Power Animal or Spirit Guide. Journal prompts and Journey work will be required for this section.


Week 2: Working with the Elements

Learn how to have a personal practice to balance your energy in relationship to the elements. We will explore ways to cleanse and heal with Air, Fire, Water & Earth.



Week 3: Shamanic Tools

Drums, rattles, plants, even altars are pieces of a shamanic path. What are they, how do they function energetically and how do we interact with them responsibly? How do we cleanse ourselves and our space?


Week 4: Sacred Plants

+Included in the cost of this workshop is a bundle of the 4 sacred plants.

The 4 sacredĀ plants are medicine for our lives, they help us become better people and strengthenĀ our communities and homes. Come learn how to use them for clearing stagnant energy, brightening and uplifting your spirits and connecting to The Great Mystery. This is a serious way to connect spiritually, please come with good intent.

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