Spring Mandala Kit


This kit will contain access to our Honoring Equinox E-Zine & instructions for creating a mandala as well as the physical items to create your own mandala.

Included in the bundle:

Square paper folded in quadrants – You will start your mandala from this center square, build your mandala beyond the center square but you will fold it back up again, ultimately. This is the package “gift” you will create to offer to the elements. You’ll fold the bottom up, top down, left to center and tuck the right side into the left to complete your package once you are done creating your mandala.

Colored Sugars – The colors of the rainbow connect us to all vibrations of life, illuminate our chakras, connect us to the light rainbow, rainbow of the earth, moon and in our bodies (our chakras). The sweetness of the sugar connects us, in particular to the Hummingbird who helps us remember the joy and beauty of life and the sugar is helpful to make us feel happy and offer that happiness when we release this offering.

Dried Flowers – I encourage you to buy a bouquet of colorful fresh flowers to also place in your mandala, don’t be shy about using all the flowers and petals and placing them in a way that feels most natural to you. It’s okay to dismember the flowers to create an arrangement that feels right, and also will fold up easily into the bundle.

Lilac Florida Water – If you are versed in calling directions by blowing florida water to the winds, feel free to use this florida water at this time to open directions before you being this ceremony. If not, no worries, you can place a few drops of this florida water in the center of your mandala and after you have built a beautiful mandala you can place more drops over top of the whole thing as an offering of beauty.

Cornmeal – This cornmeal can be used to draw a circle around your ceremonial space 4 times starting in the East and going clockwise. You can also offer the cornmeal as part of the mandala bundle if there is any left over or you can, of course, bring your own in.

Lavender – Lavender is one of my favorite plant medicines that I personally feel connected to that helps people relax and restore. I like to include it when possible. When you use it, be sure to crush it between your fingers to release the essential oils and enjoy the smell and make your bundle a thing of beauty.

Resins – If you plan to release your bundle by fire, you may include these resins of Copal & Frankincense, you can also use either one to smudge yourself before beginning this ceremony. Burn either one on a charcoal and bring the smoke over your body starting from the bottom and coming up and over your head. You can place the resin as it is in the bundle as well (not burning) so that if you do burn it the smells are released during the offering.

Sea shells – Of course to connect us to the salt waters of the world and the beings who live in the oceans, also to make that sacred reciprocity with them as part of this offering.

Snail shells – Also to connect us to the fresh waters of the world and the primordial energies of the Earth.

Dried Roses – Roses are another one of my special plant allies, I spent a winter making rose water, rose syrup, rose salt and enjoying the presence of hundreds of fresh rose petals. Roses bring forth heart opening in a beautiful and powerful way.

Quartz Crystals – Run these crystals under water to clear them, hold them in your hands when you are ready and focus on your intention for this ceremony. In this way you are “programming” the crystal, you can do one at a time or all at once. If you like you can also use your breath and blow your intention into the crystal.

Rainbow String – Rainbow string is offered to bring in the energy of becoming the “rainbow bridge;” the concept and embodiment of illuminating our energy bodies, our chakras. In this case the “rainbow bridge” means we become a bridge, between the physical and spiritual by strengthening and working with our chakras and energy body. You can place this string toward the end of your bundle-making and actually make a little rainbow with it – adding a little bit of cotton stuffing on either side for clouds.

Gold & Silver String – Gold and silver string connect your offering to the Father Sun and Grandmother Moon; to the heavenly bodies.

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