Wheel of the Year 2020 – Digital Download


Our Wheel of the Year card details lunar events in the inside of the circle; new and full moons and the astrological houses they will be found in, eclipses of all kinds, special events like blue and black moons, and even mercury in retrogrades. Outside the circle are the dates for the Celtic solar holidays including the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter holidays. Make some meaning this year! Join us for Moon Journal Subscription or a Ritual Subscription which includes our Wheel of the Year E-Zine and all Moon Journal prompts!

The Wheel of the Year is a Celtic solar calendar followed by those who once lived close to the land. It was a way to measure celebration, harvest and the harsh cold time of the year, a way to “read the signs of the wood” and keep track of time by paying attention to the relationship between the Sun and the Earth.

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