Winter Solstice Bundle 2019


Images of bundles are from the past, the current bundle is being crafted right now! Pics soon <3

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2019 Solstice Bundles!

Rosemary Lemon Lotion Bars
Geranium Lavender body scrub
Tooth powder & bamboo toothbrush
Dry Shampoo Spray
Chaga Chai
Fire Cider
Cedar, applewood, sweetgrass & rosemary giant smudge stick
Smelling salts for stuffy noses
Berries of Winter ornament / altar items – hawthorne, rosehips, juniper, & holly
✨ Printed Copy of Honoring Solstice E-Zine

Hand-made 1st Quarter moon journal


🌱 Focusing on Self-Care for 2020 🌱

Lotion bars & moisturizing geranium body scrub to keep your skin supple, tooth powder & bamboo toothbrush to help re-mineralize your teeth and keep the planet healthy, dry shampoo spray so you aren’t stripping your hair of natural oils that keep it healthy, smelling salts for those stuffy noses, chaga chai and fire cider for your insides, giant smudge stick and sacred berries ornament to help you stay connected to nature, keeping your spirits healthy, a hand-made 1st quarter moon journal to connect you to the heavens and a printed copy of Honoring Solstice to help you make some meaning this season!

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