Winter Solstice Bundle


This year our bundle is themed to honor the elements.

We are excited for you to experience your personal relationship with fire, water, air & earth by opening your senses and using these handcrafted items intentionally.

How to use this bundle

Cleanse Your Energy Take a nurturing bath or shower with our rosewater, or use it after showering on your skin, be grateful for the hot water immediately available to you. Hold the wrapped turkey feather in your hand and fan your energy field* with the clearing incense.

Release With Fire Light the fire starter to spark a quiet & contemplative fire for yourself after clearing and cleansing yourself. Burn any items from 2017 you are ready to release, including simply writing your intentions on pieces of paper and releasing them, allowing the next steps to unfold organically (let go!).

Connect & Honor with Moon Rituals As you enter 2018, get a moon journal and start a habit of following the moon cycles, paying attention by using the Wheel of the Year postcard and your ritual spray to work with your intentions.


Rosewater for bath or a facial toner

Fire Starter contains a piece of wax and dried plant material from our garden

Calming Herbal Smoke mullein, lemon balm, rose petals & lavender

Ritual Moon Spray comes with ritual instructions

Clearing Incense sage and cedar blended comes with 3 charcoal wafers

Wrapped Turkey Feather Use this feather to pass the clearing smoke through your space or your own energy field*

Wheel of the Year Postcard 2018 A visual guide for the solar and lunar events for 2018

*Find more information about your energy field, chakras, shamanic journey, wheel of the year, moon cycles and more at in our free library

Our Annual Winter Solstice Bundles are crafted from as much of our own homegrown plants as possible, locally and sustainably sourced when possible.

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