Recommended Resources

Free Shamanic Journey Tutorial


  • Soul Recovery through Bath Rituals


  • Andean Cosmology
  • Indigenous understanding of energetics
  • Exercises for shifting energy and healing


Q’enti Wasi – House of the Hummingbird

Andean Cosmovision and Sacred Arts for Conscious Evolution

  • Spiritual Agreements with Self for a better life
  • Mayan Womb Massage & Yoni Steaming
  • Herbal Healing for Women
  • Spiral Healing
  • Yoni Massage Techniques
  • Details of Sexual Energy

An immersive experience to embody your authentic subtle feminine sexual essence in an intimate gathering of women

  • Layers of the Energy Field
  • Details on Chakras
  • HEF & UEF
  • Human Chakra Development
  • Energy Defense Mechanisms
  • General Guide on Herbalism
  • Tinctures, Salves, Infusions and more
  • Herbal and Food Recipes
  • Wheel of the Year Rituals, Crafts & Recipes
  • Healthy Herbal Coffee Substitute