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Spring is Coming

The moon is waning, the sun is waxing. The Wheel of the Year is about following the cycle of the sun in relationship to the Earth and those special points along the way in which the Earth expresses herself differently, in which the light is different, in which the angle of the path of Father Sun is lower or higher. We can really watch closely and see that the dates don’t actually line up with the calendar dates we accept as a culture (and barely know about anyway), for me, it’s about following the season, about learning the first flowers to show, the invasive species that choke them out (lesser celandine is a beautiful carpet of yellow but doesn’t give room for our native beauties to come out), learning about the different types of evergreens that still stand green in a bleak and seemingly desolate landscape, their magic quiet and calm, the Earth is always offering us gifts. Always. We simply need to get out of our own way and see, perceive, experience. There she is, always with an openness to us.

Many of us are stuck inside, many of us are feeling blah, many of us are having a hard time finding joy and may be stuck in cycles of self-sabotage or a narrow mind-set because it’s worked to this point. I’m here to let you know you always have a choice. Open your view, be gentle with yourself and start to make different decisions. Not engaging something is a decision. The most successful way I’ve found to change my habits is by adding healthy options that take the place of the ones I feel stuck in. Little by little, it’s a a choice in each moment.

We can do big ceremonies to shift our energy, and it does do that, but if we aren’t paying attention to what’s happening, what we are choosing day in and day out, the energy can’t shift, even if we have made the decision which in some cases can be harder on us to be saying we want one thing while living something different.

Make some time for yourself to listen, to the Earth, to your heart, to the birds, listen to something other than your own disturbed thoughts, listen to the sound of OM pervading all of creation, shifting your attention shifts your energy.

We are coming to the Equinox, the arc of the path of Father Sun is rising, as the rays become more direct in that path we feel the warmth, we come alive again.

The Earth gives birth to her Son again, this is the cycle, this is the renewal process of paying attention. See the shifts, little by little, take care of yourselves, you are needed, you are bringing in wonderful things into this world even when you don’t feel it. You are. You are. You are precious. You are needed. You are seen.


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