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Clearing Energy

When we work with fire we release old habits, thought patterns, blocks to our personal power, outworn relationships to help clear stagnant energy that can, when left too long, cause physical illness.

What would you put in the fire? What would you release to create more room for health, energy and clarity? Just one thing?

I recently released shame and self-sabotage (and will probably have to do it again, and again, and again, these things don’t end with one fell swoop most times). I feel a clarity and a finer vibration of energy through me that is helping me feel more centered, focused and able to manage. It doesn’t stop after the fire, you do have to do the footwork in the day-to-day; go to counseling, take a class, show up for yourself, or take some personal days.

Your life changes the moment you decide to show up for yourself.