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Elements as Medicine

Are you working with the Elements as Medicine?

You are probably already working with Elements in a medicinal way without even knowing it – when you sit with a cup of tea or a hot shower or bath you are letting the element of Water take care of you!

I have been practicing self-care lately by paying attention to my constitution internally and the environment then connecting to whether I need more or less of an element or combination of elements. This work is all about intention and what makes sense!
For example, on a cold and rainy day, I would light candles and possibly use Smudge (Air + Fire) to balance the elements in my environment and keep harmony within my own body and home. Another example; a dry cough, I would use an herbal steam to meet the needs of my lungs and sinuses or possibly dry sinuses need a little oil (Water + Earth).

For a hot and humid day, ice and a fan is clearly appropriate, you’re probably already using this
method to beat the heat in the middle of summer. It can be part of our natural instinct to draw in a harmonizing element in the form of hot or cold; herb or fruit (Earth), ice or steam (Water), mud baths and exfoliating scrubs or epsom salt baths (Earth + Water), incense or smudge (Air+Fire) to cleanse or consecrate yourself or your
space, the list goes on and on.


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Clearing Energy

When we work with fire we release old habits, thought patterns, blocks to our personal power, outworn relationships to help clear stagnant energy that can, when left too long, cause physical illness.

What would you put in the fire? What would you release to create more room for health, energy and clarity? Just one thing?

I recently released shame and self-sabotage (and will probably have to do it again, and again, and again, these things don’t end with one fell swoop most times). I feel a clarity and a finer vibration of energy through me that is helping me feel more centered, focused and able to manage. It doesn’t stop after the fire, you do have to do the footwork in the day-to-day; go to counseling, take a class, show up for yourself, or take some personal days.

Your life changes the moment you decide to show up for yourself.