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Women’s Health

If you suffer from cramps (in general, muscle cramps too) during your cycle I tried a crampbark decoction (details on how to make / what it is below) last cycle and I am so thrilled with the results. I have been taking ibuprofen every cycle for a looong time now preemptively so I can function.

Crampbark decoction/infusion helped in a different way – it doesn’t block the sensations like convention medicine but it relaxes the muscles (revolutionary! Lol) so you’re still aware but not in pain. Wow. Highly recommend it.

Also I practiced steaming before last cycle began, helped as well, it wasn’t a big deal (used a cup of thyme from the dried garden clippings, or just use an Italian spice blend, boil it, the chair was the hardest part. Sitting over the steaming pot for a time, 10-20 mins). Wrap up, make sure you’re warm.

Back to crampbark – I don’t have a good local source for it yet, always recommend you support local economy if possible. I grabbed some at a festival last summer.

To make a decoction is very simple; boil 1tbsp dried roots for 10 mins. Strain, let cool, sip. I added raspberry leaf infusion too and the taste was perfect. 80/20 80 being raspberry leaf. Crampbark is not pleasant on its own!

To make an infusion is very simple; boil water, add a a cup of dried herbs to a 1/2 gallon jar add the boiling water, let steep for 24-48 Hrs, in fridge.

It all just takes a little forethought and planning and awareness of when your cycle happens.

There’s also a diet to follow to help balance us out hormonally to support each part of the cycle; releasing egg, ovulation, pms, bleed. Maybe another post for another time!

Herbs and water are VERY healing, especially steam and plants you grow yourself or you know where they come from.

This is not secret knowledge, nor is it difficult to do, it’s said to be the “people’s medicine.” We have it all available to us but it’s taken me many years to learn what I wish I knew at 16.

Cloth pads and menstrual cups, clary sage, there’s SO much we can use to support ourselves. And knowing we go “non-linear” for a week or two during the pms/bleed phase, we have OTHER strengths that our culture doesn’t value as highly as workaholism. There’s nothing WRONG with us at this time, in fact our psychic & intuitive abilities are enhanced at this time! If we only listen.

So I have a lot to say about this. I want to share all I finally figured out for myself to those 16-year olds and the 80-year olds and anyone who wants to know. Men need to understand this too; the future is female. And it’s NOT about acting like men, it’s embracing who we are and our needs and the needs of our communities and knowing ourselves.

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Happy December!

Have you tried Rosehip tea? Rosehips have an exponential amount of Vitamin C compared to oranges. Making all the things with rosehips has been a lovely experience and I look forward to the next plant relationship.
Thinking a lot about Winter recipes to stay healthy and mushrooms are coming in loud and clear. UV exposed mushrooms are full of Vitamin D, the vitamin so many of us miss out on in the winter that can lead to seasonal depression. I always have the thought that I should hit a tanning bed, but yuck, it never feels very good to me. Also read about getting green lights to help the brain remember the green and of course the full spectrum lightbulbs.rose-wreath2
Lastly, the herbs have been so beautiful in their assistance in gentle healing. I am savoring the last of the fresh herbs for steaming, bathing, and wreath-making. Some will go in our Winter Solstice Bundles and others will be processed for medicine – tea, infusions, tinctures and vinegars.
Our big plan is to start making bread in the coming months, we are excited about fermentation, always. There is kombucha, kiefer water here, kvass brewing and sour kraut, no lack of probiotics in our little kitchen.
We are blessed and the countdown to Solstice has begun. Happy December!