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Spring Update

Full moon in Virgo. Venus in Retrograde. Spring in full swing. The veils are very thin my friends. I am getting tons of immediate synchronicities. When we experience synchronicities, a term coined by Jung, it’s kind of like Universe giving you a high-five, fist bump and yeah, affirmation you are on the right track! Keep going.

Virgo is the ruler of health, wellness and cleanliness; the perfect aid in our Spring Cleaning!

This is a GREAT time to put your wishes to the universe for what you want to manifest or let go in your life. Do you have a full plate already? Maybe you can release some responsibilities to the wind and be open to some clearing of your physical space, or your schedule. If you have already cleared the way maybe you’re ready for the next big leg of your journey. Get in touch with what is important to you and re-committ yourself to that which is in your heart.

Venus is also in Retrograde. 3/4-4/15
Check out this neat video to see the relationship between Venus and Earth in the shape of a mandala!

Speaking of Venus in Retrograde, every time the Earth and Venus are side by side in this video there is a retrograde moment. As you can see Venus doesn’t actually go backward but the pausing of side by side makes it appear to go backwards when we on Earth look up at Venus in the sky. So it is accepted that the “normal” flow of energy in relationship between Earth and Venus pauses and may appear to go backward or be reversed. Retrograde periods are really just calling us to pause our normal routines and habits and maybe make some changes based on past behaviors. Take a good look but don’t stare! Venus in retrograde is a time to reflect slowly and adjust your path in love and relationships, to put it simply.

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Spring Signs

If you believe in syncronicity or “watch for signs” or get answers from the universe in the mundane, I’m just saying… I am having GREAT success now that March has arrived. It is an incredibly potent time.
So, ask your questions, ask for clarity on your blocks, (if you really want to know!), or just “play the game” with life to be open to any messages you need to receive. And really… I wouldn’t even bother with the cards, the runes or the oracles, just take a walk! It’s all right there. Or meditate for 15 minutes 🙂 It’s all there too.
When the songbirds return and the buds pop out is a very sweet time. Spring is a great turning over (spring cleaning anyone?) and can be a very potent re-birth time which also has the possibility of great danger as well. (watch your head with the winds!) If you think about it, birth has the potential for trauma much more than death. Coming into the physical is quite an extraordinary feat, and so the seeds are doing what they do naturally but it is that burst of potential energy in all things that is messy and pushes us, pushes the Earth to give, to bear, to step out.
Sometimes the Spring can be quite sleepy and extended with periods of awakeness as things come forward, but this year is not that way. Of course there’s still time (it’s only March!) for things to shift, but the energy is quite strong, so ride the wave my friends.