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The High Heart

The High Heart (Christ Consciousness, Divine Love) is having a major activation at this time.

I am seeing it with everyone I work on, imagine a small ball of light with rays with all the colors of an opal but not milky – iridescent.

(looks like layer 6 – the celestial field but small and inside the space between your heart and your throat).

I invite you to connect to it, grow it, sit with it, let the energy grow so much in a few moments that your entire body is full of it and the space all around you is full of it and the space of the entire room your in is full of it, and the building, and the block, and the city, the state, the country, the continent, the pacha mama (planet), the space around the pacha mama, the Milky Way, the galaxy and beyond. Go as far as you can as you feel comfortable.


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