The Medicine Wheel


The East is the Air element – a Blank Slate, open to the Mystery, Trust and Faith are necessary for the big Adventure. While we are intending, yes, we must be open with no expectations. The dream or vision must come with no set outcome. We have tools on our Journey – you will pick up your tools as we begin and travel through. We begin with using Journaling.

  • What can you Trust?
  • Where is your Faith?
  • What kind of adventure do you enjoy?
  • What do you like about the unknown? What do you Fear about it?
  • What can you release to make space in your life to become an empty vessel, open to the Great Mystery of life?

The South brings us to the fire of transformation, we might get to have a little knowledge as we start to pay attention to this new path we’re on. Being in the south requires shedding our past, we call on the serpent to help us do so, bit by bit we take off our old skins and become open to possibilities again. We start to form ideas about who we want to be and what the world can offer us, just as young adults dream of going into the world and making their way.

The element of the south is Fire, walking through the fire, burning away the excess so we can take flight.

The tool for the South is Ceremony. The simplest version of a fire ceremony goes like this: Journal what you no longer want to carry, feed, or be. Take your writing and with mindfulness and prayer burn your words with intent. And so it is.


In the West we learn embodiment. After we have passed through the fire of transformation and released our burdens, we then need to take the time to feel the feelings. The West is water and water is feminine, it is mystery, just as emotions are not logical sometimes we have to “surf the waves” of grief or celebration while we embrace a new way after we have released an old one.

The West also teaches us impeccability and integrity, shows us who we are becoming and helps us learn how to walk our talk. We become Spiritual Warriors, standing in the Light having allowed the flow of feelings and Spirit to help mold us into better versions of who we have been.

The tool for the West is rattling and vocalizing. We might know a chant we can sing, or whistle, a song to sing that empowers and comforts us, that draws out the newness of our becoming. An exercise for cleansing with water goes like this:

Get a rattle (it can be a jar with beans in it), drink a large glass of water, rattle around the space of your body (in your energy field) with the intention to clear anything that has been stuck or stagnating. When you go to the bathroom you will release any stuck or stagnant energy. And so it is.


The North brings us to the proverbial “top of the mountain.” When we are in the north we are nearly masters of our path, we have learned, gained insight, and finally applying what we know we attain wisdom. Knowledge applied is wisdom.

Churches and holy sites often have an “antennae” a cross or a spire that reaches high up to the heavens as a conduit and a way of signaling as above so below – this is a holy place, a place where Spirit dwells. We humans tend to feel closer to Spirit the higher up we are, no doubt we physically are closer to the Great Mystery; the Heavens.

In this way, we have grown, shed, sought and felt our way to “grow our horns;” our own personal antennae that connect us to spirit. Using our spiritual tools requires discipline, we must practice.

The tool of the North is meditation. It is quite a simple exercise to sit and meditate, but for so many people it’s difficult to simply do! If you can sit for 5, 10 or 20 minutes a day you can envision your “antennae” or horns reaching up to the heavens to connect yourself as the bridge between Spirit and Earth. You become a conduit for new spiritual information – going to the “top of the mountain” in our meditations and bringing back our insights into our day to day lives.

About The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel has been used as a pathway to understand our lives and where we are on the journey at any time. We could see, after some study that when we are grieving, we are in the West and thus pick up the tools of the West to find empowerment, for example. The 4 directions are the 4 cardinal directions, there are also three other directions; the Earth below, Heavens above and the 7th and most important direction, You! Without you there would be no directions at all. Ultimately we embody all the directions as the 7th direction, allowing ourselves to be sacred beings on this path as we continually walk and grow through the Medicine Wheel.