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Ways to Pray

Prayer can be confusing for some of us who have not experienced an authentic relationship with our Creator or our own Spirit. Prayer can be just as powerful for atheists and agnostics just the same as for those following a particular faith. Below are a few simple ways to try praying, sometimes we have to “fake it til we make it” to find that relationship, we have to start before we feel it.

It can be very helpful to develop a habit of prayer and meditation in the morning or evening, or any time before crisis happens in our lives. That way we have a way to reach out for our spiritual lifeline. If you want to try but still aren’t sure, maybe think about trying it for 10 days to see how it feels as a routine in your life.

Praying often comes down to two intentions – asking for help and giving thanks. Consider doing both in your prayer time to maintain balance.

Ways to Pray
One way to “pray” for each other is to “sing up their names” simply singing each other’s┬ánames one by one to help lift us each up.

Another way to pray is to place tobacco (usually) or cornmeal, or any other plant or offering you know is appropriate for your relationship with Spirit on the ground, in a special place, at a tree base, etc.. for yourself and everyone else.

Journaling can be a form of prayer – writing a “Dear God/Spirit/Creator/Higher Self” Letter to relieve our burdens, share what’s in our hearts and ask for help.

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