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What is Florida water, how to use it and make it

Florida water simply means “flower water.” Florida water or spirit water is generally made withalcohol and is used to bring a pleasing scent into a space, and to call spirits into the space. It can be used as a cleanser, physically and energetically. There are techniques to clean one’s personal energy with Florida water, much like smudging oneself.

Paqos (holy people of the Andies) use Florida water to cleanse their energy and call in sacred energies and probably for many other things. Some healers in Central America use alcohol and fire to cleanse a persons’ energy body.

Alcohol is a controversial spirit used and abused globally. Used with respect, alcohol can help us as a medicine in so many ways.

To make a basic Florida water, collect fresh flowers, add vodka, let it sit for about 6 weeks somewhere dark, shaking every couple of days. There are many recipes online. We’ve tried a few, when we find one we really like we will post it here!

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