The Wheel: Ostara

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Ostara and winds of change

A letter from Julia Martin, owner of

If you haven’t had a chance to let the winds clear your energy, there’s still time. Get out there, be safe, and allow the winds to pass through you and carry anything you don’t need from this season away.

I am told this is the first of 3 opportunities as we are in the Spring transition for wind clearing. Happens every year, it’s a lot sooner this year.

Spring can be a very tumultuous and dangerous time, giving birth to new life can cause trauma but the birth of a new self is the reward. Lots of unexpected environmental shifts will occur from this point until Spring has been established.

Just as there is uncertainty in our external world, there may be lots in our internal world. It’s okay. Move with this process and allow bit-by-bit those things you no longer need to carry go to the Earth, to the winds, to the God of your understanding.

Take this natural opportunity for renewal. We have to let go before we can be born.

In love,


Wheel of the Year

 Our design of the Wheel is the Solar Calendar on the outside featuring the cross holidays and the cross-quarter holidays. Inside the wheel is the Lunar Cycle with special events denoted like blue moons, black moons, annular, partial and total eclipses and special overlaps in the lunar and solar calendars.

Traditionally the Wheel is a Celtic solar calendar followed by those who once lived close to the land. It was a way to measure life; celebration, harvest and the harsh cold time of the year, a way to “keep track of time by paying attention to the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. The “New Year” starts at Samhain, contrary to our typical Gregorian calendar which begins after Yule.