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Lammas is the 1st Harvest.

A letter from Julia Martin, owner of

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Lammas is one of the first of three harvest festivals. It is the start of the end of this potent time of sunshine and warmth, and the start of the preparations for darker, cooler times. It may seem like Summer is eternal, but Lammas occurs right before the heat breaks, so we pay attention to this holiday and start our preparations. Lammas is celebrated with bread, the Christian appropriation of this holiday is called “Loaf Mass,” as it is the time our ancestors would start to harvest grain.

I started working with the Wheel as a way to honor my ancestors after over 10 years of learning Native North American Ceremony and realizing how important it is to introduce ourselves and where we’re from.. then realizing I had only a vague idea of what that was.Our lineage matters, while at the same time our choices of today have power and we are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, but learn from them.

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Wheel of the Year

 Our design of the Wheel is the Solar Calendar on the outside featuring the cross holidays and the cross-quarter holidays. Inside the wheel is the Lunar Cycle with special events denoted like blue moons, black moons, annular, partial and total eclipses and special overlaps in the lunar and solar calendars.

Traditionally the Wheel is a Celtic solar calendar followed by those who once lived close to the land. It was a way to measure life; celebration, harvest and the harsh cold time of the year, a way to “keep track of time by paying attention to the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. The “New Year” starts at Samhain, contrary to our typical Gregorian calendar which begins after Yule.